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For me, Feng Shui…. Feng (wind) and Shui (water) has always been a Verb, not a Noun. It is about action, doing, adjusting, changing in order to access the benevolent chi of life. This 5,000 year old art is as pertinent and effective today as it was centuries ago.

Wind and water are the most basic elements required for living being’s survival. Wind or air is the breath and water is the fluid of life, both essential for life itself. These two elements in motion and flow carry energy or chi, which in balance and harmony promotes good health and well-being. Traditional Feng Shui practice holds that all things consist of varying degrees of 5 Elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each element can help bring harmony to a particular space. Its aim is to assure good fortune for the people inhabiting the space.

Feng Shui views all things and creatures as part of a natural environment that is alive with its own energy field. That same energy flows through our environment and existence and affect our lives subtly yet significantly. It offers a unique way of bringing balance, comfort, harmony and optimizing abundance and prosperity into our personal lives, health, wealth, relationships, home, business and career success. This also includes a house blessing.

Through countless times, cultures have named systems for aligning our lives with nature — outer nature and inner nature. We use a Chinese name, but Feng Shui is not Chinese. It’s about you and your world. If you’re Italian or Mexican, the work might more fully reflect the culture of your heritage, the one that means home to you. The purpose is to create a balanced and beautiful space as your refuge — a place where you feel nurtured and restored, in communion with your own nature.

  • I took Meena's Vision Board/Feng Shui workshop. The course was so refreshing; I've been working with Vision Boards and working with them using the concepts of Feng Shui, elevates this practice. The meditations and suggested rituals are another wonder... Read More
  • February 20th 2022. Meena, your workshop today with the guided mediation was remarkable. It was extremely powerful, I could feel the positive energy from your teaching and guidance. Thank you for providing the insights and tools to create my Feng Shu... Read More
  • I had a great experience joining Meena's workshop this past week. She told us different ways on how to clear the energy in the house by yourself. I, also bought crystal bracelet from her to help me feel grounded and for self love. After an amazing se... Read More
  • I participated in a Feng Shui vision board workshop with Meena and it was simply amazing. The workshop provides you with a wealth of information not only about the principles of Feng Shui but about manifestation with intention and meditation Meena is... Read More
  • Enjoyed every bit of the virtual workshop and gained a lot of knowledge! Meena is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain concepts clearly. This was my first time and I will definitely be attending more workshops in future.

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Feng Shui Vancouver
Feng Shui Vancouver
Feng Shui Vancouver
Feng Shui Vancouver
Feng Shui Vancouver

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