Everything you need to know about Salt Water Cure

Do you ever get that sense that there’s negative energy in a room in your home? Don’t ignore those instincts or feelings. It’s worth placing a Salt Water Cure in your home to remove that negative energy, allowing the good Chi to flow through again. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Salt Water Cure. You’ll learn what it is and how and where to place it in your home or office space.

What is a Salt Water Cure, and what does it do?

As the name suggests, a Salt Water Cure is a powerful cure which works to disperse and absorb any negative energy from wherever it’s placed. This could be in your home or office, wherever you feel there’s negative energy that requires removing.

Many ancient cultures state that salt has cleansing properties. It’s also thought to ward off negative energy. Combined with water, it becomes a powerful cleansing tool. The addition of the metal coins helps to stimulate a chemical reaction, allowing the negative energy to be dispersed and absorbed.

Salt Water Cure must be replaced every 12 months or at the beginning of the Feng Shui New Year in February when we renew the remedies in Classical Feng Shui. In some cases, it may build-up an overflow of salt crystals from the top as it depends on how much negative energy it will receive. Keep an eye on the container, if it looks like it has done a lot of work and becomes unmanageable in growth, then replace it with a new one.

Feng Shui Salt Water Cure

Feng Shui Salt Water Cure

How to make your own Salt Water Cure

A Salt Water Cure consists of Himalayan Salt, which should be the highest quality you can find, a glass container, six I-Ching coins made of brass and water. The coins should come from a prosperous Dynasty, be cleared of any negative energy and empowered with positive energy for the best results.

Place a layer of the salt at the bottom of your glass container. Then place your coins face up (the side with the Chinese characters) on top of the salt. Finally, fill the container to the top with fresh water. Leave the Salt Water Cure in place all year, refilling the water as it evaporates.

You should repeat this practice each year, at the beginning of February, when the remedies in Classical Feng Shui are renewed. It may be that your Salt Water Cure creates a significant build-up of salt crystals due to the amount of negative energy it is absorbing. If it starts to become unmanageable as a result, you can replace it sooner.

Where to place your Salt Water Cure

Choosing a location for your Salt Water Cure is vital as negative energy moves from year to year. The location of the annual stars can help to determine this.

In 2022 #2 Star (Illness) is in the Southwest and #5 (Misfortune) is in the Center. You can also place them in the North and Northeast for better flow of energy. Placing your Salt Water Cure in these areas should bring about an immediate change as it absorbs the negative energy, especially when you combine this practice with Metal Remedies.

You should repeat this practice each year, when the remedies in Classical Feng Shui are renewed. It may be that your Salt Water Cure creates a significant build-up of salt crystals due to the amount of negative energy it is absorbing. If it starts to become unmanageable as a result, you can replace it sooner.

When you know your location, place the cure somewhere safe, where it can’t be knocked, moved or tampered. This helps to avoid disturbing any of the accumulated negative energy. I recommend placing it behind a sofa, a decorative object or a full plant, but ensure it’s somewhere you can easily access it so you can add water as needed. It’s worth placing the cure in a dish or earthenware or ceramic planter, as sometimes it can overflow onto the floor. Keep the container open and uncovered. Don’t place it inside a cupboard or enclosed space.

Disposing of your Salt Water Cure

It would be best if you gave proper care and attention to the disposal of your Salt Water Cure at the end of the 12 month period. This is because it will have absorbed and built up a lot of negative energy in that time. You shouldn’t clean the coins or bowl and reuse them. Instead, dispose of the entire cure properly and start with a fresh new Salt Water Cure. The best way is to discard it entirely in the recycle bin. That way, you are literally throwing out the negative energy that the cure has removed from your home or office!

Do feel free to make your own Salt Water Cure if you’re able to source all the items you need. However, if you’re unsure of anything or would prefer someone to set it up for you, you can contact me.

I’ll take accurate compass readings and figure out the proper location in your home or office. This will ensure your Salt Water Cure will be working hard to remove any negative energy from your space so maximum benefits can be achieved. You can also purchase a Salt Water Cure from my shop!

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