How to Build your Dream Home using Feng Shui Principles

Having the opportunity to build a home from scratch is a very exciting prospect. You’re working with a blank canvas. You have the chance to make important decisions about the look, style and functionality of your home from the very beginning. But have you considered the principles of Feng Shui as you build your new home? Applying them now means you can optimize the good Chi energy flow in the internal and external space right from the start to give you and your family the best flow of energy, abundance and prosperity going forward. Here’s how to build your dream home using Feng Shui principles.

Your Home’s Direction

The facing direction of your home is one of the first things that needs to be established. This helps to determine how Chi energy flows into and around your home. We do this by using a compass and assessing the land your new home is being built on. It’s worth noting that this doesn’t necessarily mean the location of your front door. The facing direction specifically relates to the direction where the most Chi is flowing into your property.

dream home using Feng Shui

The Front Entrance Location

The main door, or front entrance, is a crucial aspect of Feng Shui as this is the entrance into your home in which Chi enters. A Feng Shui Consultant will determine the most suitable location for your main entrance based on the facing direction and other exterior factors of your new home.

Once you choose a location, there are other decisions to make. The size of the main entrance should be large but not so much that it is out of proportion with the rest of your home. The door should open inwards, never outwards and it shouldn’t be in direct line with the back door of your home. This would mean the Chi flowing in would immediately flow through and straight back out of your home.

These are a few of the things to take into consideration regarding your front entrance.

Room Placement

Deciding on the location of various rooms around your home is another important factor in the principles of Feng Shui. The public spaces of your home, like your living room and home office, should be at the front. More private rooms like your bedroom should be towards the back. For example, your kitchen holds great significance as it relates to the health of the occupants of your home, while the master bedroom should be in the back half of the house, ensuring greater safety, power and influence. Your Feng Shui Consultant will advise you on the best locations for each member of the household’s bedroom and sleep positions, according to their personal trigram.

Deciding where not to place certain rooms is as important. Your washrooms, for instance, should not be in the centre of your home as this can have a negative effect on your health and finances.

Choosing Design Features

There are many design features to explore and choose from a Feng Shui perspective.

To begin with, consider the overall shape or floor plan of the home. Square or rectangular-shaped homes offer harmony in Feng Shui. Odd angles, on the other hand, like triangular or octagonal shapes can present Feng Shui challenges as they’ll have missing areas in the Bagua Map.

The location and design of the staircase are another crucial area of interest. The location of them can cause some challenges. For example, they shouldn’t immediately face your main entrance or in the centre of your home. A spiral staircase is something to be avoided due to the disorientation it causes.

And, of course, decor, colours and many other design features are later areas to review and make decisions on with Feng Shui in mind as the construction of your home progresses.

As you can see, there is more to creating a home full of harmonious energy than just moving some furniture around. As part of your home’s construction, Feng Shui Consultants can also implant energizing and magnifying crystals and energy diffusers which help to continuously diffuse energy. This provides cleansing and calming properties, as well as protection for the home.

Here at Momentum Feng Shui, I work with many clients who are building their own homes. I offer two Home Construction packages, which include a complete evaluation of the lot, direction, location and external factors of your build, as well as detailed in-person or virtual consults to go over all my findings and recommendations.

So if you’re in the process of building the home of your dreams, start on the right foot and get a complete Feng Shui assessment and principles to put in place before your home is even designed. Get in touch with me to book your consultation.