Originally published: August 1, 2021
Updated: February 1, 2024

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of placement dating back over 5,000 years. It’s a philosophy that uses the accuracy of a Feng Shui compass, a luopan, along with spatial design, to assist individuals in finding balance in their lives by harmonizing their living environment with nature.

February is traditionally associated with love and romance. Optimizing your bedroom Feng Shui is very important for ensuring the longevity of your romantic relationship but also to ensure that your partner feels valued, especially if they’re moving their belongings into your home. If you’re moving into your romantic partner’s space, discuss which of these key Classical Feng Shui principles you can start incorporating into the bedroom. Or if you’re moving into a home that’s brand new for both of you, you’ll both have the chance to make sure you’re equally represented in the bedroom.

Many Classical Feng Shui tips can help your romantic relationship get off to a strong and stable start or strengthen existing relationships. Learn how to strengthen the connection of love between you and your spouse or partner.

Make Space in Your Bedroom for Your Partner


Bedroom Feng Shui for love, Bedroom Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts for Enhancing Love and Romance

For proper bedroom Feng Shui and energy balance in the bedroom, it’s important that both romantic partners feel equally represented in the bedroom. 

For those people welcoming romantic partners into their homes by inviting them to move in, some changes may be necessary to ensure both partners feel that the energy in the space serves them equally. If you’re joining your life with someone and they are moving into your previously occupied space, there are some important bedroom Feng Shui remedies you’ll need to consider before they move in.

  • Remove all objects including photos and mementos that represent old or failed relationships. It’s tempting to keep these objects because of nostalgia or because of the romantic feelings they incite. However, these objects must be removed because these physical reminders represent old relationships hanging around, which can burden your new relationship with negative energy.
  • Eliminate anything old to help welcome the new relationship. For example, ensure you have new bedsheets to sleep on as old energy can linger in the bed.
  • Replace single pieces of furniture with pairs. It’s essential to have pairs of items to combat subconscious thoughts that reinforce the idea of a single person inhabiting the bedroom. By doing this, you’ll also remove negative energy from the room. For example:
    • If you have a single nightstand, replace it with a pair of matching nightstands. If you choose to place a lamp on each of the nightstands, ensure that the two lamps are equal in height.
    • If you have a single chair or a single-person closet, they all subconsciously indicate that this bedroom is a space meant for one person only. Have two matching chairs and make room in the closet for both of you.
    • Stay away from artwork that portrays single objects only. For example, a picture that shows only one flower, one bird, or just one person in the piece of art. Again, this signifies that the bedroom is meant for only one person.

For couples moving into a new home together, it’s a great opportunity to furnish and decorate your bedroom so that both of you feel equally represented.  You and your partner should have an equal share of the space so that your energies feel harmonious in the bedroom.

Create Balanced Love Energy Using Your Decor

When decorating your bedroom, Classical Feng Shui suggests that it’s important to balance the energy in a room through your decor, especially when you’re designing your bedroom for love. For example, if the decor in your bedroom is excessively flowery and delicate, it will create more yin energy.  On the other hand, if the decor is very dark and masculine, it will give off more yang energy.

Balancing the yin and yang energies is very important to ensure that you and your spouse feel comfortable and at home when in the bedroom. 

Set a Romantic Mood with Lighting in Your Bedroom

Setting up the lights and atmosphere in your bedroom according to Classical Feng Shui principles can greatly impact your and your partner’s feelings about romance and love. Lighting is one of the most powerful manifestations of energy so be mindful of what the lighting levels are in the bedroom.

  • To purify the energy in the bedroom, welcome in natural light each day by opening up your blinds and curtains.
  • The lighting in the bedroom must be balanced. Try having a dimmer to keep the light levels balanced. Aim to have the light not too bright and not too dim. The lighting should be soft.
  • Toxin-free candles are recommended as the best option for bedroom lighting when you want to create a romantic ambiance.
  • You can set the right mood in the bedroom by lighting scented candles and draping sheer fabrics or lace over lamps. Don’t forget to play romantic music to further enhance the mood!

Bedroom lighting can often be overlooked when thinking about love and romance. Choosing Feng Shui appropriate lighting can greatly enhance the mood but also ensure the right energy is welcomed into the bedroom.

Keep Work and Electronics Out of the Bedroom


Bedroom Feng Shui for love, Bedroom Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts for Enhancing Love and Romance

To enhance romance and love in your bedroom, Classical Feng Shui recommends that certain items be kept out of the bedroom so that the focus remains solely on building a strong relationship with your partner.

  • Any electronic equipment should be placed in the office or other areas of the home. This includes cell phones, tablets, laptops, and any other electronic gadgets.
  • Remove the TV in the bedroom since it’s not conducive to romance.  A TV in the bedroom can affect your ability to build a strong bond with your partner.
  • Purge the room of all work-related materials that distract you. The bedroom is for enhancing love relationships (not working!) so don’t mix work and play.
  • Place exercise equipment outside of the bedroom. Exercise equipment in the bedroom can imply that your relationship is exhausting.  On top of that, the effort you put in when exercising can be transposed onto your love life. Ideally, you don’t want your relationship to feel like a sustained effort.

In addition to being a distraction when you’re connecting with your partner in the bedroom, electronic devices also emit electromagnetic frequencies which can have an impact on the energy in your bedroom. That’s why you must keep electronic devices out of your bedroom as much as possible. The bedroom should be reserved as a place for love and romance or as a place for rest and rejuvenation, not work.

Choose Photos and Artwork that Strengthen Your Romance

Because the bedroom is a very personal space for many people, you may be inclined to include some favourite photos and artwork in your bedroom.  However, if you want to Feng Shui your bedroom for love and romance, it’s important to ensure that what you’re displaying in the bedroom is positively affecting the energy in the bedroom.

  • Place family and children’s photos in the family room or living room where they belong.  Don’t display them in the bedroom because family photos give off yang energy that can be overpowering and cause restless sleep. Images and objects surrounding them can greatly affect your life. 
  • Check the statues and art in your bedroom. Remove paintings, sculptures, and photos that represent negative situations, loneliness, sadness, war, and fights. This type of art can bring negative energy and create a tense atmosphere in your love life when, ideally, the bedroom should be peaceful. 
  • Consider adding artwork featuring a pair of love birds or peony flowers as these represent love. 
  • Add a statue or picture of Ganesh outside the bedroom door to remove any obstacles in partnership and romance. 
  • Place a statue of Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Love and Compassion, directly outside of the bedroom.
  • Place happy photos of you and your partner on the dresser.

When it comes to bedroom Feng Shui, oftentimes there is a lot of focus on the positioning of the furniture but it’s important to remember that your photos and artwork can also greatly affect the energy levels in your bedroom, especially if you want more love and romance between yourself and your spouse or partner.

Use Rose Quartz Crystals for Manifesting Love


Bedroom Feng Shui for love, Bedroom Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts for Enhancing Love and Romance

Crystals, especially rose quartz, are thought to reflect and enhance energy. Because rose quartz is widely known as the “love stone”, it’s frequently incorporated as a love remedy for bedroom Feng Shui.  Having rose quartz in your bedroom can help speed up the process for those seeking true love. These crystals can aid in mending broken relationships and jazz up existing romances. Rose quartz crystals are also known to help someone remain calm under pressure and during confrontations.

Rose quartz crystals come in many different formats and sizes. You can purchase chunks of rose quartz, polished rose quartz hearts, and rose quartz lamps to place in your bedroom. For couples, it’s important to have a PAIR of rose quartz crystals, roughly the same size, to promote the feeling of equality between the two partners.

The Power of Classical Feng Shui for Love

Bedroom Feng Shui for love is about balancing the energies of the two people in the relationship while creating an environment that fosters love and harmony. Follow these simple Classical Feng Shui methods to activate your relationship area for love and marriage. Have some fun decorating your bedroom together and creating the environment you want! Use these Feng Shui remedies to enhance the quality of your relationship or establish a solid relationship. If you have questions or want to continue to bring love and romance into your bedroom, contact me for a free 20 min discovery call.