Client Gratitude

It is always such an honour to read messages that are full of respect from my Clients! Thank you for speaking from your heart. I am here to support whoever is sent my way, to assist in improving the quality of their life, to provide an understanding of the power of our thoughts and the Manifesting process and the importance of keeping the Energy Cleared…. in our space as well as in ourselves.​​​​​​​​ Please reach out anytime you feel you need the support, as always I am a call away.

I was very fortunate and grateful to come across Meena at Momentum Feng Shui while searching for a Feng Shui consultant online. My husband and I needed help with our newly-purchased house with a challenging yard (a slopped and triangle-shaped corner lot).

When we purchased our house off plan, we had no idea that the builder would leave the yard as slopped as it ended up being. We also didn’t know that triangle-shaped lots are not considered good in Feng Shui (someone mentioned this to us in passing, and I found this rather unsettling). My initial contact with Meena was very positive because she assured me that there is a remedy for almost anything in Classical Feng Shui. I was grateful for this perspective as it put my mind at ease.

My husband and I booked a Residential Feng Shui consultation with Meena as we wanted her guidance on our yard and our new Home (ensuring it is set up to support our Happiness, Health, Success, and Prosperity). Meena came to our house for the consultation, and during our consultation, it felt like we were talking and spending time with a dear friend. Meena did a thorough walk around our yard and through our house and she gave us some good ideas and remedies to improve the Feng Shui. We appreciated all the remedies she suggested, some of which we’ve already implemented. Needless to say, our consultation with Meena was a very positive experience.

Before we consulted with Meena, I had mixed feelings about our yard – part of me loved all the green grass and space, but the other part was concerned about the slope and shape. Now, we feel optimistic about the whole yard as we see all the potential (not the flaws)! We have even hired a landscape designer and look forward to incorporating Meena’s advice to create a beautiful outdoor space with good Feng Shui (including a remedy for the pointed triangle corner).

Since our consultation, Meena has kept in touch, and it is great that she is open to answering questions that have come up since our consultation. She has also offered to review the landscape design, which we really appreciate.

Meena genuinely cares about her clients and wants the best for everyone she works with. If you are looking for a Feng Shui consultant, I highly recommend Meena at Momentum Feng Shui!

Sam and David G.

Our experience with Meena has been so special and I urge anyone and everyone to try this experience with open heart and mind. Not only that it is clear that Meena is very knowledgeable and experienced in her work but she makes the topic very relatable. And her advice works!! We are so grateful to have her support us.

My husband didn’t grow up with Feng Shui as part of his culture, and Meena did an amazing job at helping him understand why there are energy challenges and how the cures help. Everything she said made sense even though she was talking about a subject that can be difficult to relate to for people that might not be as in tune with their environment.

We truly felt her support throughout this entire process. We started with a discussion so that she could fully understand our challenges and goals. She made sure all our questions were always answered completely and in a way that we fully understood.

Meena did a home visit. She explained the situation we are facing, and how we could fix our challenges and boost the areas that are doing well. She audited the home for additional work that we could improve, and she did an energy clearing for the home and more.

Toward the end of the appointment, my husband was very excited and positive.

Over the next week after her visit, as we started to apply her advice, situations seemed to magically resolve in our careers and at home. Our family time and lives have suddenly gone smoother and it’s been much more harmonious. We seem to be of clearer minds and hearts. We are more productive. We have had less accidents and we seem to have more time to enjoy our lives.

She promises us that her support goes beyond the phone call and the home visit, and she has made good on that promise thus far. She is so genuine and her energy is lovely. We continue to chat and we are continuing to work together to make adjustments to improve our lives even more.

Thank you very much, Meena!

Van Le D.

Thank you so much Meena for a wonderful and thorough Feng Shui consultation. I highly recommend Meena as her Feng Shui skills are truly wonderful.

My husband and I moved from Hawaii to California about a year ago and although we felt settled in our new Home, I knew we needed some support in energetically feeling more grounded in our Home, balancing and setting up our Home for success, abundance in all areas, good health, loving relationships etc.

Meena was very articulate and so knowledgeable about the remedies that were important for every area of our home. Her calming, kind and pleasant demeanour made it very easy to work with her.

GREAT NEWS that happened just after two days!!! My husband received an unexpected increase in his salary and I’ve been asked to teach yoga two days a week at a local Pilates/Barre studio. Teaching there allows me to have FULL FREE membership along with receiving income from teaching yoga.

Abundance has already come into our lives and we look forward to even more!

Bessie E.

I came to know about Meena through social media. The high ratings plus my gut feeling made me decide to choose her among the many others… and these were all correct. I already felt the rapport during the 20-minute discovery call. I chose energy clearing and consultation for good energy, good health, and to gain prosperity and retain it.

My family and I found Meena to be very professional and very warm at the same time; an instant connection was apparent. The Energy Clearing was thoroughly done, and during the consultation, Meena was so welcoming and patient with all questions that my family and I had. Things were not at all rushed. She was very knowledgeable and passionate about Classical Feng Shui and I appreciate that she taught us about Feng Shui solutions while respecting the teachings of my religion.

As soon as Meena left, my family and I started to do our due diligence and still continue to do so up to this moment. The combination of hard work, prayers and Meena’s advices has been giving us great results so far. I have been noticing a big difference and improvement in things that I was concerned about. Up to this day, whenever I have questions, I would message her and she never fails to send me a response. Having Meena over was one of the best decisions I made…. and my husband and kids agreed. I highly recommend her.

Fia B.

We connected with Meena for a virtual consultation for our Residential Feng Shui as we had been feeling that the Energy around the house was not in harmony with some of our neighbours. Not only did Meena share with us a lot of protective measures and remedies but also was very polite and honest about her consultation feedback that she was ready with all the remedies to the exact detail of what’s needed, the process and with a lot of ideas making it fun to incorporate with our house decor in a budget-friendly way. We had been blind-sighted with so many things we had arranged in our decor and house surroundings that Meena was able to spot with her experience and gave us great tips on things that needed a de-clutter.

She is so easy to work with that we felt like a team in tackling our issues and uplifting our house Energies and improving the curb appeal of our property. I think Meena has perfected the virtual consultation on Zoom to the extent that she was so precise in the house walkthrough that she knew the directions to our Rooms as precisely as we did! After our consultation, Meena has been super responsive to any questions we have about the Feng Shui remedies and is happy to remind us of anything we might have missed.

Not only was it a great Feng Shui consultation but more so the process that Meena has made us familiar with is something that I and my wife have some common things to work on to better our lifestyle. I think Meena takes the confidentiality of her clients very seriously. Her knowledge of Feng Shui is very practical and easy to implement and I look forward to learning more from her in the future as I feel there is so much to learn. Thank you, Meena! Our best wishes towards your mission of betterment and uplifting others where they are! We are looking forward to your Vision Board course and working with you in the future.
Swapnil T.

Moving to a new home while dealing with a multitude of other equally difficult and stressful happenings, and during COVID, I wanted it to be an oasis of tranquillity and good energy. I was looking for Feng Shui practitioners to support this and Meena’s smile attracted me to her.

My instinct proved right. Meena’s gentle and knowledgeable consultations and continuous support have been a source of strength giving me great clarity and confidence in arranging my home. With her guidance, we have created a Home that gives us the calm and tranquillity we were searching for. Several visitors commented on its serene energy upon entering the house and one person who herself is a practitioner commented that one can feel a properly Feng Shuied place when one enters without even knowing we had consulted a practitioner.

I have come to rely so much on Meena’s wisdom that I contact her whenever something daunting comes up and her gentle reassurance always guides me ahead. Meena shares her knowledge generously and
I always look forward to her quarterly newsletter with tips and forecasts.

Thank you, Meena! I look forward to your continuing guidance and taking part in your Vision Boarding course.
Deepthi A.

Meena was a delight to work with. Her energy, her warmth, the knowledge she brings to the table and her willingness to genuinely help is so amazing. From the moment Meena walked into my home the energy she brought with her felt so comforting. The consultation helped me better understand the meaning of Feng Shui and it’s importance and relevance in my home and life. After Meena did the energy cleanse in my home, my husband and I noticed a huge shift within the space. Following her recommendations and guidance for the last few weeks has helped me heal in so many ways. I am so happy and forever grateful that I met Meena and can’t wait to continue working with her in the future.

Sabrina V.

This is an update from last September, Meena came to my home and did a consultation along with Energy Clearing and Salt Water Cures.

I have a daughter which whom I have had a very toxic relationship for over ten years. This daughter told me she was coming home for Christmas from overseas for a month. At this point, I wasn’t very happy that she was coming home for a visit because the first day or two goes well and then everything from that point on is extremely toxic.

My daughter did return home for Christmas and we had a lovely visit. I kept waiting for her toxicity to return. It never did and we had a lovely holiday together and I was very sad to see her leave. It was a great visit and I look forward to more visits with her. The only thing I changed in my life was having Meena’s consultation as well as the Energy Clearing and Salt Water Cures.

In fact, I have had friends come into my home and ask me what I have done as it’s very peaceful. Thank you Meena greatly appreciated.

Wanda M.

Meena has been an absolute gift in terms of Feng Shui. We did a Residential Feng Shui consultation for our newly renovated Home and Meena was able to give us so much guidance in terms of remedies, cures, and tailored advice.

Meena is extremely experienced in Feng Shui and Energy work – she is truly gifted. What we most appreciated about Meena is her thoroughness and patience with her work, as she really took the time to understand our concerns and patiently guide us every step of the way even when I had a million questions. I cannot recommend anyone better for Feng Shui and I can’t wait to work with her again!

Vivian T.

I started using Meena’s services in the middle of 2021. I had some work to do in our Home but took it in stages, prioritizing things that were most important to me and seamless to incorporate. Almost right away I could feel the heavy energy lifted and our Home and Family became more united in several ways. I knew without a doubt that I’d be following up annually. This year it’s so much easier to get everything completed quickly which excites me! If our family could see such great results in such little time last year, imagine a full year with changes customized to our family and homemade quickly.

Meena is kind and truly cares about and connects with our family and home. She’s so knowledgeable about Feng Shui. I have always felt good about reaching out with questions even after our consultations and she checks in regularly. I feel like I’m her only client (which I know I’m not!) ✨

If you’re looking for your family unity and home energy to change, or you just need a boost in all areas of your life, family, career, finance, relations, and love and are willing to trust her guidance, you will be grateful you connected with her! She will invest in you and ensure you have all the tools needed to have the best year of your life.

Thank you, Meena!

Tara C.

We are very thankful for Meena’s kind heart and for her help with Feng Shui. I grew up in this culture of Feng Shui my whole life but the education and lifestyle were missing. My parents always told me what to and not to do for no reason, leaving me unsuccessful. Consulting with Meena gave us a full understanding of Feng Shui.

Personally, I always felt like something was out of alignment in our home and within myself. The aftermath of Meena’s professional advice is a life-changing event. We feel and know that there is a massive amount of heavy energy lifted from us and our Home. Her crystal education and implementation now resonate in our life and we are excited about this new successful journey. Highly recommended 10/10 if you want to start a positive new shift of energy into your life.

Thank you, Meena.

John L.

We are very thankful for Meena’s kind heart and for her help with Feng Shui. I grew up in this culture of Feng Shui my whole life but the education and lifestyle were missing. My parents always told me what to and not to do for no reason, leaving me unsuccessful. Consulting with Meena gave us a full understanding of Feng Shui.

Personally, I always felt like something was out of alignment in our home and within myself. The aftermath of Meena’s professional advice is a life-changing event. We feel and know that there is a massive amount of heavy energy lifted from us and our Home. Her crystal education and implementation now resonate in our life and we are excited about this new successful journey. Highly recommended 10/10 if you want to start a positive new shift of energy into your life.

Thank you, Meena.

John L.

I met Meena at an event and quickly felt like we had known each other for a long time. It was easy to have a conversation with her and her enthusiasm as she shared about feng shui with me was contagious. It was inevitable that I would have Meena assist me with how I could adapt this to my home and business. Prior to our session, she sent me a detailed report which was great as it provided me with the information I needed to make some simple changes in my home to make space for better energy.

Since our session, I have felt a huge shift and my home feels much lighter. My husband is not usually a believer in these things, but he was actively assisting me with the shopping for some of the things it was suggested to add to our home. It is refreshing to see his excitement and watch his energy change! I would highly recommend Meena! Thank you so much for not only shifting the energy in our Home, but also for shifting the energy in my husband!

Yvonne W.

This was our first time exploring Feng Shui. Meena is very pleasant to work with. She explained all about Feng Shui and provided solutions for our home and business. We received very positive energy and are impressed with the results. She has a genuine desire to help others. Now she is our go to person for any spiritual needs. We highly recommend her for her services.

Bikram S.

I am so grateful to Meena for introducing me to the world of Feng Shui. There were certain areas of my life, my home and my business that seemed “off” and through her consultation, we were able to identify some changes to make that were in favour of the Energy shift I was looking for. After applying the changes suggested, I’m happy to say I have more clarity, feel calmer over all and have the drive I was looking for in my business. I whole heartedly recommend Momentum Feng Shui. The passion & professionalism shines through.

Elizabeth C.

I want to express how impressed I am with Meena’s deep understanding of Classical Feng Shui and her ability to answer all my questions without hesitation. Meena has helped me move forward in areas I was stuck in and enlightened me with tools and insight that I’ve already put into practice. Her service is delivered with professionalism and an enormous amount of compassion for her client’s well-being. I’m so happy to have Meena in my life.

Trupti P.

Meena provides immeasurable value to her clients. Since working with Meena, my son has come out of his room and is interacting with us. My husband and I have been more affectionate. I have felt genuine joy and peace in my home. I attended her Feng Shui Vision Board Retreat last weekend. Excellent! I will work with Meena for years to come.

Denise N.

I had the opportunity to work virtually with Meena from Momentum Feng Shui and found her to be very knowledgeable. She took the time and did not rush. She made me feel safe and gave me hope. Meena brings a level of professionalism, knowledge and humanism to her interactions with her clients. She takes the time to document properly so you can refer to it at any time. Even after the session, she is a phone call away and always ready to help. It was an absolute pleasure working with Meena.

Kala L.

Meena is one of the most honest, kind and unbelievable real souls that I have had the privilege of getting to know and work with.
She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to those around her. She will not only help you with what you ask of her but she will go above and beyond for you. Not easy to find such dedicated individuals that come from the heart. You are in good hands with Meena.
Olivia R.

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