Close Look TV Interview

I was honoured to be invited to speak about Classical Feng Shui on-air with Shelly Singh, host of Close Look TV, a popular Punjabi TV series on Shaw Multicultural Channel. I took the opportunity in Punjabi to share how to invite positive energy into a space.

During the interview, I was asked many questions pertaining to this topic:

How is Classical Feng Shui different from other modalities?

What is a Luopan Compass?

How do you know if the energy is flowing or blocked?

Why is it that sometimes when you move from one Home or Business to another, the energy doesnโ€™t feel the same anymore whether itโ€™s health, relationships or prosperity?

Who is the right candidate for Residential or Business Feng Shui Service and what does the procedure involve?

I invite you to watch the episode in its entirety for my responses to the above questions, as well as an overview of the five Classical Feng Shui elements: Wood, Metal, Earth, Fire, and Water.

You can also learn more about my smudging ceremony, why it is important to do energy clearing, and what does my process include (Zenergy Chimes, Sage, Palo Santo and Rose Water).


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