Feng Shui Services

Transform Your Life with Harmony and Prosperity Through Feng Shui

Are you ready to transform your space to invite the flow of Positive Vibes, Harmony and Prosperity by using Feng Shui principles?

Feng Shui Vancouver, Feng Shui Services

Feng Shui for Home

The goal of Feng Shui is to invite Positive Chi into your Home so no matter what’s going on in the world outside, once you step inside you should feel completely relaxed and able to connect to body, mind and spirit and notice that your life is transformed dramatically and permanently.

Feng Shui Vancouver, Feng Shui Services

Energy Clearing

It’s a Feng Shui ritual designed to clear the negative energy in the home to allow for fresher, more vibrant Chi to enter. It’s vital to clear the space of any stagnant energy and create a clean slate for you and your family to embed your intentions.

Feng Shui Vancouver, Feng Shui Services

Feng Shui for Business

A thriving Business benefits from a harmonious, efficient and well-organized work space. Feng Shui is a centuries-old practice that, when applied, brings balanced business results with increased productivity and profits.


Feng Shui Vancouver, Feng Shui Services

Feng Shui Vision Board Online Course

Manifest your dreams into reality with the Feng Shui Vision Board Online Course. Imagine the power of a Vision Board combined with tools of Classical Feng Shui in all 9 areas of life force energy.

Feng Shui Vancouver, Feng Shui Services

Feng Shui for Real Estate

Whether you are thinking of buying or selling your Home, you can invite smoother transactions and prosperous results by placing Feng Shui Cures. Building a Home? It’s the perfect opportunity to embed your intentions in the design for the family to thrive.

Feng Shui Vancouver, Feng Shui Services

Manifesting Courses

A 1-on-1 program customized around the client’s needs incorporating various modalities…Feng Shui Tools, Energy Clearing, Moon Energies, Crystals, Affirmations, and other Rituals.

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Client Gratitude

It was a challenge to find a Feng Shui consultant in my city. I found Meen and Momentum Feng Shui online and was a bit reluctant to have a virtual consultation as I have always used Feng Shui consultants in person at several houses that I owned.

After our 20-minute consultation on the phone, I felt comfortable using Meena as she resonated with a lot of my beliefs around clearing energy, using particular cures, and having a happy and healthy environment to live in.

We did a virtual walk-through of clearing and smudging the house. A few days after energy balancing and clearing, Meena took her time to ensure every part of our home was covered.

After just switching some paintings and removing an existing painting above our bed, I felt a shift immediately. On completion of both sessions and placements of a few cures, things definitely started shifting with me and even with my boyfriend, who is usually not into this sort of thing. Our home feels much lighter and the energy is less heavy. The energy seems to be flowing more with us personally and also with our home.

Meena gives so much of herself and time and explains everything so clearly and thoroughly. Her consistent support and patience were evident when I sent her copious emails with pictures of paintings that would be suitable for above our bed. I thought I’d drive her crazy, but she was so kind and patient with me and gave incredible feedback. You can tell she loves what she does, as her dedication and knowledge is so obvious. I just love that…

I’ve used Feng Shui for many years in many of the houses that I’ve owned and it’s important to get someone who resonates with you. I would definitely recommend Meena and Momentum Feng Shui if you desire a better relationship with yourself, your partner, your home environment and your life. I LOVE the energy in my home now!

Thank you, Meena…

Jem Amour St Hilaire