Feng Shui for Home

A feeling of having arrived — that big exhale — a feeling of being safe and planted in a place where you are restored. A place for refuge. A place for nesting. No matter what’s going on in the world outside, once you step inside you should be completely relaxed and able to connect to body, mind and spirit. When you implement changes in your home, you will notice that your life is also transformed- instantly, dramatically and permanently. This is Feng Shui… Feng Shui is an ancient art and science dating back 5,000 years to Chinese philosophy and culture.

We long for that feeling of home. We know it when we feel it. Some places feel so great we don’t want to leave — both relaxing and stimulating at the same time. Good conversation just seems to happen. Visitors feel welcomed and comfortable. The space is nurturing in much the same way that being out in nature is nurturing.

Think of going to a party where no one wants to leave. The place feels alive. The chemistry between a home and its occupants, between a home and its visitors is a palpable feeling. This feeling can be consciously created. You can do this.

Expect no magic. The work makes sense and requires no beliefs or superstitions. I work as a team with you to express your deepest longings. What your mind desires, we create in your space. Relationships? Health? Prosperity? Those expressions find a physical representation in your Home, Offices, and Businesses. Freedom from confusion in your space brings clarity of mind, increased energy, and a sense of empowerment and is created largely by focus and intention, standards you control and express.

Make a list of your functions. Do you have a space for keys, mail, family gatherings, homework spaces for children, dining with friends? Let’s create the best home with design plans, furniture, color, flooring, art work, lighting, and more. Professional guidance alongside your desires create a powerful result. Shall we begin?

“No matter what’s going on
in the world outside, once you step inside
you should be completely relaxed and able
to connect to body, mind and spirit.”

Momentum Feng Shui Vancouver

Feng Shui Vancouver
How to Prepare Your Home for a Feng Shui Consultation

What you need to provide me with:

  • A detailed House Plan: Interior layout of your house/apartment, which is to scale and shows doors, windows and all rooms within the house. This plan can be drawn up either by hand or on the computer, and should be emailed to me prior to the site visit.
  • Birth Data of all residents or key personnel (commercial) of that property.
  • All questions and points of inquiries you have regarding the property.

Feng Shui for Home Consultation personally conducted by me:

In advance of our first meeting, I will ask you to provide me with a floor plan of your space and to fill out a Client Questionnaire. I will use this information to calculate a mathematical algorithm that is overlaid on your floor plan, to identify imbalances among the five Feng Shui energies that exist in any living environment. Once I know where imbalances exist, we begin!

I will schedule a meeting and tour of your property (Land, Apartment, House). During my time in your home, I will perform the Feng Shui audit in your presence and you are free to ask any questions.

I will physically examine the specific imbalances within your space, then consult with you on areas of your life where you are seeking improvement or change, and take photos and Compass directions.

During our second session, I will walk through your space together and I will share my recommendations, providing a clear plan for you to execute to improve energy flow in your home.

You will receive:

  • A full and detailed written report.
  • Personal Trigrams (a calculation based on your birth date that suggests your personal best directions, among other information) for all primary members of the household.
  • Feng Shui tips for each room of the house.
  • Recommendations on appropriate color selection, furniture arrangement and decorative suggestions for enhancing health, wealth, fame, career, love, family and business relationships, travel and self-cultivation.
  • Recommendations to clear clutter and improve energy flow.
  • A Space Clearing Ceremony, using sage, sound and ritual to bring in fresh new energy to your home (provided at the completion of session 2).
  • Useful affirmations and guidance to use in conjunction with your new Feng Shui & intentions.
  • Additional supporting materials and resources.
  • Additional assistance with decluttering or beautifying your space or adjusting to new energetic flows or intentions (available as an hourly service).
A deep commitment to balance and beauty

A lifetime of creating lovely things combined with an intensive training in Intuitive Feng Shui have instilled in us a deep commitment to balance and beauty; the bedrock on which I created Momentum Feng Shui. A decision made for the sake of beauty and one meant to transform the life of my clients are one and the same and the end result is unexpectedly perfect. A home that appears beautifully designed may not always feel good to live in, but a home that really feels good to live in is always beautifully designed.

I believe in maintaining my clients’ core aesthetics while helping them reveal the potential of their environments. I equally adept in a minimalist, modern Yale Town loft as I do in a rural cottage or a West End bungalow. I’m interested in creating harmonious beauty that helps my clients open to their hearts’ desire, not imposing my style on anyone.

I work on all aspects and phases of the design process from the selection of paint colors, furnishings and art for an existing space, to home renovations and kitchen remodels, to new construction and plan development.

Although I enjoy working with businesses, I love working with clients in their homes, affecting them where they live. A well designed and appointed home should be an invigorating yet peaceful sanctuary that supports the health, wealth, intimacy and self-esteem of the occupants. I see my clients’ homes as a tangible representation of their minds. The physical space in which they live and where they place all their stuff—from furniture to artwork to decorative objects—is a direct result of their belief systems. In short, when they make changes in their surroundings with informed direction, they alter their beliefs, and when they alter their beliefs, they change their lives.

I create an environment that mirrors what you’re asking for in your life. When you live in a space that embraces what you want, those desires begin to manifest into reality. The key is finding someone who can see the energy patterns of what you desire and can translate those patterns into a beautiful home. I am that person.

What happens during a Feng Shui Audit

We live in a time of opportunities, challenges and constant changes. We all strive to achieve our goals but the most successful individuals achieve their goals and objectives through determination and confidence when tackling challenges and potential hurdles.

However, even the most successful individual will have to admit that there is always room for improvement in one aspect of his/her life. Maybe your business is running smoothly and you enjoy your work, but your relationship or your health suffers. Or perhaps your love life is thriving, but your business and your financial situation leaves much to be desired. Very few individuals have their lives in complete balance.

Those of us who know that something is out of sync and wish to achieve a more balanced life, can tap into the positive Qi (Life Energy) in our environment. Connecting with this powerful positive Qi helps us to:

  • Improve our health and wellbeing.
  • Balance the various aspect of our lives.
  • Improve those aspect of our lives that seem to be neglected and lacking in positive energy.

Momentum Feng Shui is committed to finding practical solutions specific to your living and working environment in order to improve your life’s circumstances. I will discuss your specific goals for the Feng Shui for Home Audit with you and will help you achieve these goals and live a more balanced and harmonious life.


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