Feng Shui Vision Board Online Course

"6 Months to Success"

Let’s Unleash Your Dreams and Create New Energy for Your Life

Vision Board Online Course, Feng Shui Vision Board Online Course

“You are the only one who dreams your dreams and you are the one holding the key  to manifest them into reality.”

  • Have you created a Vision Board in the last few years and it either left cluttered, didn’t flow or you didn’t feel connected to it, or see any results?


  • Have you felt the last few years were difficult and you’re ready to hit the reset button?

In this online course, you will learn to magnify the Manifesting power of your Feng Shui Vision Board to align yourself with your goals and bring them into reality.

Vision Board Online Course, Feng Shui Vision Board Online Course

What desires do you have to add to your Feng Shui Vision Board?

  • A new job you’d like to manifest, a pay raise or higher position?
  • Becoming your own boss with passive income?
  • Financial abundance, manifesting money to be debt free?
  • A new loving relationship? Marriage?
  • The Cottage by the lake, Your Dream Home?
  • Your Dream Car, to explore new places?
  • Pregnancy, Better family connections?
  • Fit Body, A new You?
  • Good Health, Better Sleep?
  • Meditation rituals, A High Vibe Life?

I will guide you through a Meditation to help you get clear on setting your Intentions to maximize your Vision in this exclusive online course created just for you!

You are Powerful

What do you desire to ask the Universe to create with you?

We will follow these key steps to invite in new energy:

Step 1

Guided Meditation: It’s essential to create a calm and receptive state of mind before setting your Intentions.

Step 2

Setting Intentions: A clear and centred mind aids in settling your Intentions using Mantras, powerful phrases, and affirmations.

Step 3

Magnify the power of your dreams by correct placement on your Vision Board in Classical Feng Shui direction.

Step 4

Moon Energy Meditation: A beautiful Meditation to let go of what no longer serves you and make space for Positive Energy and new opportunities.

Step 5

Strengthen the Manifestation Process using Crystals. You’ll learn how to harness the Crystals properties to strengthen the Manifestation process.

Step 6

Learn how to clear your space using my “Energy Clearing Ritual” to free up the space from stagnant Energy and embed the newly created Intentions.

Step 7

Feng Shui Vision Board Placement: I elaborate on the ideal placement of your Feng Shui Vision Board in your Home.

Step 8

Closing Meditation to end the MasterClass basking in the newly created Collective Energy in the group, encouraging and supporting each other.

Through these steps, you will be able to take your empowered self into the future with Classical Feng Shui in your toolbox and transform your life into wins, success, fame and fortune…or whatever your heart desires!

Investment: $188

What previous Participants have to say…

Oh my, the time went so fast and there was so much wonderful information on creating a Feng Shui Visionboard!! If you are looking for a way to create a Vision board yourself, I highly recommend this class!! I have done other boards and this is by far more detailed and concise with your intentions in all aspects of your life. The class itself covers each area of your life as well as where to place the board as well as use crystals with your board. We began with a meditation that put us all in a relaxed yet focused state of mind. Thank you, Meena for sharing your knowledge with us!

Sherrie Smith

I took Meena’s Vision Board course. The course was so refreshing; I’ve been working with Vision Boards and working with them using the concepts of Feng Shui, elevates this practice. The meditations and suggested rituals are another wonderful added value. She’s very kind and knowledgeable, and helpful when answering questions. I highly recommend her course.

Dr. Nazly Nardi

I had the privilege of participating in the Feng Shui Vision Board course presented by Meena from Momentum Feng Shui. What an awesome experience, I feel empowered!!! Her presentation covered Vision Board layout, placement, how to engage with it, Full Moon benefits, Rituals, Meditations, Crystal Energy, Space Clearing… I always admired Meena’s calmness, wisdom and compassion. Her personality shines as she shares her passion, knowledge, and her love for what she does at Momentum Feng Shui. I am grateful for the experience and feel that she is making a positive impact on anyone who seeks her guidance.

Claudejosie Beauliere

I attended Meena’s Fengshui Vision Board Course and I am so glad that I did it. It was a full class and that tells you how popular she is and the reason for that I believe is that she is a very genuine person and teaches with a passion. She is very calm and very good at explaining, and answers questions in a very good way. Also she makes everyone feel very special. In spite of being so busy, she answers your phone calls and emails, and I am super impressed. Thank you Meena!

Renu Gambhir