As a Realtor, you have many responsibilities when it comes to helping your clients sell their homes or work through the process of buying a new one. You’re researching the market, looking for the perfect homes to show them, and planning open houses. That’s all before you even get started with closing a sale. So, it’s not surprising that the idea of Feng Shui is the farthest thing from your mind. But Feng Shui can be the difference between your clients’ home selling quickly or sitting on the market for weeks or even months. If you’ve found the perfect home for your clients and they’re not sure, having a Feng Shui Consultant assess it for them could help them make the right decision. Here’s how Realtors can benefit from working with a Feng Shui Consultant.

Why Work With A Feng Shui Consultant?

Yes, it’s true that you can research some of the facts about Feng Shui by doing a little search online. As no two homes are alike, each home should be assessed on a case by case basis. It’s not only about the physical features, like room locations and the front door position, but also because of the people living there. A Feng Shui Consultant will take a complete and detailed assessment of every aspect of the home to give a fair and honest Feng Shui appraisal.

As you know, the purchase of a home is a significant investment for most people. Your clients would appreciate a considered buy that will bring them prosperity and positive energy over an impulse one resulting in negative energy.

Selling A Home

feng shui for real estate, How Realtors can Benefit from Working with a Feng Shui Consultant

Involving a Feng Shui Consultant in the sale of your clients’ property can result in a quick sale for a good price. Isn’t that what all homeowners want to achieve?

I start by doing a walkthrough of your client’s home, immediately removing any items that are cutting into the positive energy of the space. Even after this quick remedy, people often walk back into their homes and feel a sense of calm for reasons they can’t quite put their finger on. And it won’t just be the owners who will notice it. Potential buyers will pick up on it, too, and that’s a guaranteed way to get a sale in record time.

I use Classical Feng Shui rituals and remedies in the assessment and treatment of your clients’ homes. I assess and obtain the compass reading in the house’s facing direction, making recommendations about where to place things inside based on my findings. I then use a space clearing ritual to detach the current owner’s energy, allowing potential buyers to visualise themselves within the space. Once a person starts to do that, the promise of a sale is usually imminent!

I also provide affirmations and small rituals for the entire family currently living in the home to help release it, which encourages a quick sale. These rituals and remedies work. I’ve seen many homeowners, stuck with a home that wasn’t selling, go on to sell their property quickly and for an excellent price after working through this process with me.

That’s why many Interior Designers and Home Stagers will also choose to work with a Feng Shui Consultant. They know it will bring about speedy results for their clients selling their homes.

Buying A Home

I often assist in assessing homes on a client’s shortlist. I can help give them the energetic platform on which to base this most crucial decision.

As a Feng Shui Consultant, there are many things I’m looking at when I advise clients about some of the homes they have shortlisted. First of all, I base my search on the primary breadwinner’s personal trigram to find the best-suited home for them.

This includes home numbers and the bedroom location unique to them, and the main area where the family will spend most of their time. I spend time checking that the good numbers in the home fall in the key areas, such as the living room, the kitchen, bedroom, and home office. I also check that the less favorable numbers are in areas that are not used often, such as in the garage, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.

I spend time looking for any negative aspects that might affect Classical Feng Shui, such as the location of the kitchen, bathrooms, stairs or front door. It’s also important to consider the type of ceilings in the property and any shapes or colours that appear in the home.

Outside of the home itself, external factors can have a bearing on the home’s energy. I assess this by looking at where the home is located on the street and the front door’s placement, which is where positive Chi will enter the property.

Finally, I’ll even check the home’s history by looking at its previous owners to determine if there is stagnant energy that needs to be released there.

As you can see, there’s a lot more a Feng Shui Consultant can do to assist with the sale or purchase of a home for your clients. So if you’d like to find out more about working with me, do get in touch!