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I love the holiday season for many reasons: family and friends getting together, children’s faces lighting up at the sight of decorations and presents, and of course, incorporating Feng Shui in and around the home. In the spirit of giving, I wanted to pass along a few ways you can use Feng Shui at Christmas to boost the energy in your home this holiday season. After all, Feng Shui is all about moving and celebrating energies, and to awaken the energies of your home, one needs to activate them!

Feng Shui for your Christmas Doorway

Often called the “Mouth of Chi,” the front doorway is where vital energy flows into your home and life. Christmas lights surrounding your entrance or front pathway not only keep it bright for welcoming family and friends but also increase and heighten the flow of energy (or “chi”) into your home. Use red and green lights to represent the symbol of wood and fire and golden and silver tones to represent metal. Brown elements can be used to represent earth and blue to symbolize water.

To further increase the chi in your Home, you can also:

  • Wipe down or wash your front door with salt water
  • Hang a wreath or bells on the doorknob (A wreath made of pine cones and pine branches with golden and red details is recommended).
  • Tidy up your porch or walkway to remove any clutter, snow or ice
  • Add a festive greeter – a pot of greens, a waving Santa, or a wagon filled with faux presents – to catch the eye, set the tone for a home, and uplift the energy of those entering
  • Lay a festive doormat

Feng Shui for your Christmas Tree

Think of your Christmas tree as a Tree of Life, a Tree of Prosperity or a Tree of Happiness and decorate it accordingly to boost that area of your family’s life.

If you’re single or live in a smaller apartment, you can still put up a small tree. Remember, it’s the intention you place it with that counts.

picture of a christmas tree inside someone's home, tree is surrounded by presents, accompanying a blog on Feng Shui for ChristmasOther important things to consider when decorating your tree:

  • Make sure your tree lights are bright and make it a point to change the bulbs that are burnt out or dim and dull.
  • Find lights that glow and sparkle, so your tree comes alive with new energies. Fairy lights are perfect for this as they come with different settings allowing you to change the “look” of the tree depending on the energy of the day.
  • Discard faded and old decorations.
  • Place beautifully wrapped presents under the tree to represent abundance.
  • Decorate the tree with natural material as much as possible (i.e. cones, crystals) to bring in the nurturing earth and wood elements.

After taking down the tree, it’s important to do a sacred space cleanse to renew the energy in the space and start fresh in preparation for the Feng Shui New Year in February.

Christmas Feng Shui Gift Ideas

A Feng Shui-inspired gift is a wonderful way to share good energy and joy with your loved ones.

Here are some of the Christmas Feng Shui gift ideas you can’t go wrong with:

1) Feng Shui Plants: This gift is always popular, especially for someone who has just moved into a new home, as a healthy plant symbolizes “New Beginning and Growth.”  Recommended choices are: Money Plant, Jade Plant, Lucky Bamboo or Snake Plant.. avoid buying Cactus or Bonsai plants.

2) Natural Crystals: Believed to attract wealth luck and help expel negative energy, placing a crystal in one’s home or office creates a positive, harmonious environment. Use:

  • Amethyst for bringing in good luck and calming energy to the Home or Office
  • Rose Quartz for enhancing love luck. Make sure you gift it in pairs if the person is in a relationship to keep a balance in the relationship.
  • Black Obsidian or Black Tourmaline for protection
  • Citrine or Jade for attracting wealth luck

3) Selenite or Himalayan Salt Lamp: Both lamps act as air purifiers and promote a harmonious atmosphere. Selenite Lamps also promote peace and calmness, clear block energy, and elevate the spirit.

4) Wealth Ship: This is a perfect gift for someone who has just started a new business venture or career. It’s given to wish them a smooth sailing journey in the new endeavour.

At Momentum Feng Shui, we offer a variety of Christmas Feng Shui gift ideas, including Personal Trigrams, Salt Water Cures, Incense Towers, and more. Visit momentumfengshui.com/shop/ for a complete selection. If you have any questions or want additional Christmas Feng Shui tips, please do not hesitate to contact me at 236-886-1688 or info@momentumfengshui.com

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