Living Room Feng Shui: Creating The Perfect Relaxation Space In Your Home

Your living room is likely one of the most well-used rooms in your home. It’s where you go to relax, to be with family and unwind from the stresses of your day. So, if the Feng Shui isn’t right in this room, you’re going to notice! Using good Feng Shui practices in your living room will elevate it from being just a space to sit together and watch TV into a warm, welcoming one that’ll feel like the heart of your home. Here are my top living room Feng Shui tips for creating the perfect relaxation space in your home.

Clear the clutter

In Feng Shui, clutter is one of the first things you should look at. All those extra items you have crowding your space aren’t letting the good Chi flow around as it should.

How well the good energy flows is important in your living room since it’s one of your home’s more public rooms. The flow of good Chi promotes a welcome space and invites good health to everyone in it.

Think about your furniture

No living room is complete without its furniture. A table or two, seating and storage are all expected to appear here. But your furniture choices can make a significant difference when it comes to Feng Shui.

Try to choose furniture with soft, rounded edges. Furniture with sharp corners can obstruct the flow of Chi, especially when they stick out into walkway areas.

When choosing a coffee table, opt for wood instead of glass. Glass is thought to be inauspicious and can intensify negative Chi energy.

Living Room Feng Shui
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Focus on seating

Above all else, you should ensure there’s enough seating for everyone in the home, with enough space to accommodate guests, too.

Place the back of your sofa against a solid wall, if you’re able, so that you can see the entryway into the room. This helps create a feeling of safety. Don’t place it in front of the window as it obstructs the positive Chi from entering in, as well as stopping you from enjoying your view. And avoid placing your sofa (or “floating” it) in the centre of the room of yin and yang energies.

Think about colours

Colours are used in Feng Shui to enhance or support particular areas in your life. So, it’s worth giving some consideration to the colours you use in your living room.

Keep the furniture in neutral colours as this creates a calming, grounding influence. It also works as a clean slate for decorating. If you want to use specific colours to aid certain parts of your life, incorporate these in a few added elements. Coloured cushions, vases and other decorative items can all add a touch of colour to your room. Keeping things neutral means it won’t interfere with annual Classical Feng Shui remedies, like blue for water, red for fire and so on.

When painting your walls, try to avoid dark colours. In Feng Shui, the sort of colours that invite the flow of good energy and balance are on the lighter end of the spectrum.

Let’s talk about your TV

In this modern world, it’s unusual to see a living room without a TV. But its reflective surface can act like a mirror when not in use, allowing it to reflect clutter, bringing about unwanted negative energy. I’d recommend keeping it enclosed in a cabinet or covered up when not in use if you’re able to.

Let there be light

Light is significant in Feng Shui. So your living room should be bright and open, allowing light to flow and fill the space. Do make sure you open your drapes and blinds in the morning to invite the positive energy in.

Floors and walls

I recommend placing an area rug, especially on a wooden floor, as this adds warmth to the room and helps ground the energy.

And for your walls, look at placing some well-chosen pieces of art. The artwork you choose is important. Try to select images that show happy places or smiling people and aren’t too bold or bright in colour. Your art should be pleasant and positive. I recommend natural scenes such as landscapes and try to steer away from abstract art. Too many abstract pieces can create a sense of confusion due to the chaotic nature of the patterns used.

Bring life to your living room

A living room bustling with life brings excellent positive energy into the space and helps to purify the air. So, consider having some healthy plants in the room. You don’t need to go too crazy here, though! Be selective and choose plants like Peace Lily, Bamboo, Succulents and Snake Plants. They all are thought to bring good energy into your home.

And if you’d like some help rearranging your living room and home, then let’s have a chat. I’d love to help you create the dream living space for you and your family using the principles of Classical Feng Shui.


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