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  • Avatar Dr. Nazly Nardi ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I took Meena's Vision Board/Feng Shui workshop. The course was so refreshing; I've been working with Vision Boards and working with them using the concepts of Feng Shui, elevates this practice. The meditations and suggested rituals … More are another wonderful added valued. She's very kind and knowledgeable, and helpful when answering questions. I highly recommend her work.
  • Avatar Jay Pancholi ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    February 20th 2022.
    Meena, your workshop today with the guided mediation was remarkable.
    It was extremely powerful, I could feel the positive energy from your teaching and guidance.
    Thank you for providing the insights and tools to create
    … More my Feng Shui Vision Board for 2022.
    I personally recommend the ‘Momentum’ Feng Shui to learn more and be empowered by the universe!!
  • Avatar Personals Inc. ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    I had a great experience joining Meena's workshop this past week. She told us different ways on how to clear the energy in the house by yourself. I, also bought crystal bracelet from her to help me feel grounded and for self love. … More After an amazing session with her, we have decided to invite her to our house to energy clearing for us, cant wait for her. She is an amazing person, I'd highly recommend her for all her services.
  • Avatar Shilpa Cordeiro ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I participated in a Feng Shui vision board workshop with Meena and it was simply amazing.
    The workshop provides you with a wealth of information not only about the principles of Feng Shui but about manifestation with intention and meditation
    … More
    Meena is a master at Feng Shui and is always available to answer any questions and provide guidance.
    I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone.
  • Avatar Gurpreet M ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Enjoyed every bit of the virtual workshop and gained a lot of knowledge! Meena is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain concepts clearly. This was my first time and I will definitely be attending more workshops in future.
  • Avatar Trupti Panchal ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    I want to express how impressed I am with Meena's deep understanding of classical Feng Shui and her ability to answer all my questions without hesitation. Meena has helped me move forward in areas I was stuck and enlightened me with … More tools and insight that I've already put to practice. Her service is delivered with professionalism and an enormous amount of compassion for her clients' well-being. I'm so happy to have Meena in my life.
  • Avatar farheen kc ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    We had an amazing experience with Meena. She is a wonderful soul and is very knowledgeable in classical Feng Shui. She went above and beyond to make a difference in our lives . The entire experience with her was full of positive energy. … More She was very calm and took her time to understand our situation. The Feng Shui remedies she suggested were simple and easy to implement. She is always there to answer our questions. We already feel a positive shift in our home. We are very grateful to have met her.I highly recommend Meena as we would like others to experience this positive energy.
  • Avatar Tara Campbell ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    I started using Meena’s services in the middle of 2021. I had some work to do in our home but took it in stages, prioritizing things that were most important to me and seamless to incorporate. Almost right away I could feel the heavy energy … More lift and our home and family became more united in several ways. I knew without a doubt that I’d be following up annually. This year it’s so much easier to get everything completed quickly which excites me! If our family could see such great results in such little time last year, imagine a full year with changes customized to our family and home made quickly.Meena is kind and truly cares about and connects with our family and home. She’s so knowledgeable about Feng Shui. I have always felt good about reaching out with questions even after our consultations and she checks in regularly. I feel like I’m her only client (which I know I’m not!) ✨If you’re looking for your family unity and home energy to change, or you just need a boost in all areas of your life, family, career, finance, relations, love and are willing to trust her guidance, you will be grateful you connected with her! She will invest in you and ensure you have all the tools needed to have the best year of your life.Thank you Meena, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2022 and beyond!
  • Avatar RENU GAMBHIR ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I attended Meena’s Fengshui Vision Board Class last week, I am so glad that I did it. It was a full class and that tells you how popular she is and the reason for that I believe is that she is a very genuine person and teaches with a passion. … More She is very calm and very good in explaining, and answers questions in a very good way. Also she makes everyone feel very special. I spite of being so busy she answers your phone calls and emails, and I am super impressed. Thank you Meena!
  • Avatar Claudejosie Beauliere ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    This past Sunday I had the priviledge of participating in the Feng Shui Vision Board retreat presented by Meena from Momentum Feng Shui.What an awesome experience, I feel empowered!!!Her presentation covered Vision Board layout, placement, … More how to engage with it, fullmoon benefits, rituals, meditations, crystal energy, space clearing...I always admired Meena's calmness, wisdom and compassion. Her personality shines as she shares her passion, knowledge, and her love for what she does at Momentum Feng Shui. I am grateful for the experience and feel that she is making a positive impact on anyone who seeks her guidance.
  • Avatar Mary Estonactoc ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Just attended Meena's Feng Shui Vision Board zoom today. I especially liked the meditations. They were very thoughtful and while I meditate every morning, I did experience a peace that was different for sure. The Full Moon Energy meditation … More was meaningful for me. I learned so much about the dynamics of putting together a Feng Shui Vision Board and how it relates to my home in particular. Also Meena provided tips that I never heard before. I appreciate the sharing of the areas that need some attention this year. I'm looking forward to my consultation this week. With the vision board, the full moon, and the Feng Shui New Year (Chinese New Year) all happening around this time, I'm definitely feeling the energy. Thank you Meena! And thanks to all participants who shared their energy today!
  • Avatar Yvonne Weld ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    I met Meena at an event and quickly felt like we had known each other for a long time. It was easy to have a conversation with her and her enthusiasm as she shared about feng shui with me was contagious. It was inevitable that I would have … More Meena assist me with how I could adapt this into my home and business. Prior to our session she sent me a detailed report which was great as it provided me with the information I needed to make some simple changes in my home to make space for better energy. Since our session I have felt a huge shift and my home feels lighter and we are excited to move into 2022! My husband is not usually a believer in these things, but he was actively assisting me with the shopping for some of the things it was suggested to add to our home. It is refreshing to see his excitement and watch his energy change! I would highly recommend Meena! Thank you so much for not only shifting the energy in our home, but also for shifting the energy in my husband!!
  • Avatar Denise Nickel ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Meena provides immeasurable value to her clients. Since working with Meena, my son has come out of his room and is interacting with us. My husband and I have been more affectionate. I have felt genuine joy and peace in my home. I attended … More her Feng Shui Vision Board Retreat last weekend. Excellent! I will work with Meena for years to come.
  • Avatar Suraj ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I had an amazing experience with Meena. She is positive, calm and very knowledgeable in classical Feng Shui. The meditation retreat was very helpful.The entire experience was amazing and Im looking forward to connect with her.
  • Avatar Kiran Ruparelia ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    I took the Feng Shui Vision Board session with Meena. Loved the flow of the session starting with the intention setting meditation, and all the FengShui information that was shared. I have been doing vision boards in the past and armed … More with the Feng Shui method and use of crystals I hope to amplify my intentions and desires to meet my goal for my self this year . Thank You Meena for your love and guidance via this session!
  • Avatar Glinda Good Witch of Northview ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Meena genuinely cares about her clients, takes the time to listen to them attentively, and customizes her advice and guidance to there specific needs. She is never in a hurry and makes herself available for questions. I recommend her highly. … More
  • Avatar Yatin Kadoo ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Meena is very professional, yet very good with understanding your needs in a freindly way.We met Meena few months ago where we provided our services to her she recommended few tips to us to incoporate.We read more about Feng Shui and decided … More to meet her for a full consultation.She has very good knowledge of Feng Shui and also how energies work.We are yong couple and our lives are very busy. we needed some work life balance and flow of positive energies in our life and home. So we ae not stressed with our rouines. Meena spent time undertanding us and recommended few changes that could bring positivity and stabilityMeena came prepared and was so patient with our questions. She takes time to make sure every aspect is completed. I woudl highly recomend her services as we are seeing great results already. We are not as rushed or stressed as we were. She has been a great guide and support in this journey.
  • Avatar Yakub C ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    We consulted Meena as we needed to bring a positive shift into our business and to help us navigate some hurdles we were facing. She took her time to understand our needs and presented us with a detailed report including tips and trigrams. … More Meena also suggested Feng Shui remedies for our business to bring in abundance and prosperity. She is extremely knowledgeable in what she does and always available to answer all our concerns, and offer solutions. Thank you Meena for bringing this shift of positive energy into our business and lives.
  • Avatar Alyssaa Delmars ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Working with Meena has been fantastic! She is very knowledgeable and willing to bring abundance in your life! She is always available and I really enjoyed working with her. I’ve worked with other feng Shui consultant in the past and Meena … More is far greater!
  • Avatar armando Singh ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    I had an amazing experience attending the workshop few weeks ago . Meena is very knowledgeable, professional and takes pride in her work. She take time with each client to make sure they understand. Her skills are amazing asset to use … More if you are buying a property and bussiness etc… it was pleasure working with her. Thanks
  • Avatar Sherrie Smith ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Oh my, the time went so fast and there was so much wonderful information on creating a Feng Shui Visionboard!! If you are looking for a way to create a Visionboard yourself, I highly recommend this class!! I have done other boards and this … More is by far more detailed and concise with your intentions in all aspects of your life. The class itself covers each area of your life as well as where to place the board as well as using crystals with your board. We began with a meditation that put us all in a relaxed yet focused state of mind. Thank you Meena for sharing your knowledge with us!!
  • Avatar Bessie Estonactoc ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    🌹 Thank you so much Meena Jagpal-Paré for a wonderful and thorough Feng Shui consultation. I highly recommend Meena as her Feng Shui skills are truly wonderful.🌹 My husband and I moved from Hawaii to California about a year ago and although … More we felt settled in our new home I knew we needed some support in energetically feeling more grounded in our home, balancing and setting up our home for success, abundance in all areas, good health, loving relationships etc.🌹 Meena was very articulate and so knowledgeable about the remedies that were important for every area of our home. Her calming, kind and pleasant demeanor made it very easy to work with her.🌹 GREAT NEWS that happened just after two days!!! My husband received an unexpected increase in his salary and I've been asked to teach yoga two days a week at a local Pilates/Barre studio. Teaching there allows me to have FULL FREE membership along with receiving income from teaching yoga.🌹 Abundance has already come into our lives and we look forward to even more!!!
  • Avatar Jennifer Smith-Petersen ★★★★★ a month ago
    I was lucky enough to come across Meena of Momentum Feng Shui on social media and what a win! If you’re on the fence, go for it. In the short time I’ve worked with her my home feels lighter and happier, I got both a raise and more hours … More at work, my husband got a bonus at work, and we’re both feeling less stagnant. It sounds like a commercial but it’s true, I honestly got my money’s worth times 100 with Meena! I can’t say enough about her knowledge and dedication to her calling. This woman puts her enormous heart and brilliant brain into every thoughtful answer she provides.I initially purchased a few salt water cures, something I was brand new to, and had a lot of questions about. Meena’s quick responses and broad knowledge sold me completely. My husband (not familiar with Feng Shui) enjoyed the process and the results and suggested I purchase a virtual long distance Feng shui consultation since we are in Massachusetts, USA and Meena is in British Columbia. That was a game-changer.We got 10 years of info in that one call and the results started shortly after. More money is coming in for both of us, our home had an energetic face lift, our life is getting a good decluttering, and I’ve found a beautiful way to work with life energy. Plus, I met Meena who I will continue to work with.One of my favorite parts was Meena’s loving reminder at the end of her advice. She said something along the lines of, “remember, this is all about fun, so enjoy the process.” I am so fortunate to have found Meena and can’t wait for my more beautifully balanced home (and life!) thanks to her. She is a true gem. Thank you so much, Meena!
  • Avatar Simer Grewal ★★★★★ a month ago
    Meena is very knowledgeable and knows what needs to done. The remedies for FengShui she recommends are not something that can’t be done; they are mostly easy to do and guaranteed you will see results.Meena came in for a consultation for … More my home and my home office and after implementing the suggestions made by her; I’ve noticed an immense Energy Shift and a lot of positivity in the house itself and the home office.The suggestions and remedies do work. To anyone still contemplating about booking a consultation Have faith and trust in Meena and for sure you’ll see a huge positive change!Meena is also on my recommended list of preferred vendors to my clients because I want them to experience the same positive shift that I have.Thank you so much Meena!
  • Avatar Dapi Garewal ★★★★★ a year ago
    Meena is very knowledgeable about Feng Shui and brings a sense of calm to your environment. Since having her perform a Feng Shui ritual at home...we have felt more peaceful! She is very open to your queries and guides you with utmost honesty … More as well as respect! I’d definitely recommend consulting with her to welcome optimal health & prosperity in your life!
  • Avatar Sonu S ★★★★★ a year ago
    It was a wonderful experience to work with Meena. I must say she is amazing ! Meena you are a very talented, easygoing and full of motivation. I was impressed with your wealth of knowledge ,experience and calming nature .She went above … More and beyond to help me out during and after the consultation. She helped me focus in my long-term vision & dreams ,allowing me to become more clear about the steps I needed to take to get there. Her consulting means the world to me and I'm so grateful for all the tips ,tricks ,remedies and her guidance she offered me during our time together .She spent so much time with me without rushing and had given me step by step instructions for each and every area of my house during our session. Her ability to translate Feng Shui Concepts into simple, yet powerful suggestions and instructions meant I did not need to second guess myself based on all the information out there. I Felt so much lighter after she has done the space clearing ritual for my whole house .I am already experiencing the energy is shifting as I am getting rid of the clutter and making small changes to my home as per her recommendations.I sincerely recommend her services to anyone looking for guidance and coaching for Feng Shuai principles!At last but not least Thank You so much Meena for everything!
  • Avatar Nancy G ★★★★★ a year ago
    I bought a new condo recently, and wanted Meena to help me set up the energy in my new home.I was very impressed with her knowledge, skills and professionalism. There were subtle but definite shifts in the energy – making it feel like I … More had more fully imprinted my own energy – making it truly MY home. Very cool!I had some general knowledge about Feng Shui, yet Meena was brilliant at educating me. I think we Westerners are missing out on a wonderful way to easily shift the energy in our personal and professional spaces! Thank you Meena! I look forward to working with you in this New Year!
  • Avatar Kala Limbani ★★★★★ a year ago
    I had the opportunity to work virtually with Meena from Momentum Feng Shui and found her to be very knowledgeable. She took the time and did not rush. She made me feel safe and gave me hope.Meena, brings a level of professionalism, knowledge … More and humanism to her interactions with her clients. She takes the time to document properly so you can refer to it any time. Even after the session she is a phone call away and always ready to help.It was an absolute pleasure working with Meena.
  • Avatar Jeevan Sarai ★★★★★ a year ago
    Meena provides such a vast range of Feng Shui information, be it daily tips to full posts and videos. Whichever is speaking to you at the moment, she is there to guide you every step of the way. Meena has not only helped my living apace … More but my sister’s home as well. She is so dedicated that you can’t help but feel calmer and the need to slow down and enjoy where you are. We haven’t even had a full consultation via in person nor remotely, yet she is so in tune with any concerns or questions, that it is very easy to implement her suggestions right away. Her supportive demeanour and positive reinforcement leaves you encouraged to put forth the work and implement the necessary steps to better energize your space and life. We are so happy to have Meena and her business as our go to for all things harmonious.
  • Avatar Cassandre Chabot ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Really enjoyed the “vision board” workshop by Meena today! It was pack with so much information and really well executed. Very professional as always. Thank you Meena 💫
  • Avatar Tara S ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    I was always curious about salt water cures once I saw Meena post about them. I finally reached out to her for further information - she was so helpful! Immediately she assisted me with determining the best spots in my house for the cures. … More She provided such detailed instructions about how to use the cures, placement and benefits. I wish I didn’t wait so long to have a cure in our house. Six months in, and the results are shocking! Meena is very patient & knowledgeable - I had so many questions and she so kindly answered them all. I love that she offers alternatives for feng shui tips as well so that it works for you and your home. Highly recommend!
  • Avatar Sat Bassan ★★★★★ a year ago
    It was a pleasure working with Meena. She is passionate and knowledgeable about Classic Feng Shui. She was very thorough and recommended various remedies for me to implement. I had a very peaceful experience as she saged and cleared … More energy throughout my living space. After putting remedies in place in my bedroom I must say I had the best sleep that night! I am loving the energy I feel when I walk in thru my front door. Meena's suggestions have definitely brought into balance the flow of energy throughout my home. I highly recommend booking a consultation with Momentum Feng Shui.
  • Avatar Elizabeth Chambers ★★★★★ a year ago
    I am so grateful to Meena for introducing me to the world of Feng Shui. There were certain areas of my life, my home and my business that seemed “off” and through her consultation, we were able to identify some changes to make that were … More in favor of the energy shift I was looking for. After applying the changes suggested, I’m happy to say I have more clarity, feel calmer over all and have the drive I was looking for in my business. I whole heartedly recommend Momentum Feng Shui. The passion & professionalism shines through.
  • Avatar sara Smith ★★★★★ a year ago
    Thank you Momentum Feng Shui for giving me the tools to sell my home with such rapid results and awakening the Abundance centers in my physical space!Meena's gentle soul, heart centered presence,and precise knowledge of Classical Feng … More Shui , expressed by her deeply steeped mindfulness of noticing every detail of my physical surroundings and as well her connection with the vibration of my home was impeccable!She also was tapped into my personal inner Chi and how it interacted with my outer flow.I am overjoyed that not only did my home sell within 4 days ,but there is now a strong pulsation of incoming energy( Chi)Thank you so much Meena for your powerful presence and the magic you created for me and my family🙏
  • Avatar Suki Chot ★★★★★ a year ago
    I met Meena in November 2020 and my life has changed since after that! She introduced me to the practice of classic of Feng Shui. I had clients who believed in thr direction of alignment when making purchases, so this intrigued me. I … More noticed Meena on Instagram and I reached out to her. After a good conversation I started my path with Meena. I have had hurdles in my business clear as I always came across delays and I am working towards personally applying Feng Shui to my daily life to bring more abundance in different areas of my life. Thank you . God bless you Meena!
  • Avatar Kamal Atwal ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I am so grateful to have stumbled upon Meena on social media ♥️ I knew there was a reason behind it, hence I reached out to her on the day of my birthday to have my home cleansed♥️ I also enjoyed the vision board class which I have finally … More put together this afternoon just in time for the full moon🌺
  • Avatar B B ★★★★★ a year ago
    Beata B. (Vancouver, BC)My experience with Meena from Momentum Feng Shui was fantastic!Few weeks ago (maybe I was having my “aha” moment) I noticed that there was not much going on in my life. I was busy doing things but there were no major … More changes happening. I had realized that soon it was going to be 5 years since I had moved into my new apartment. As much as I like my place, there were no life changing experiences I desperately desired. That’s when I decided to do something about it and the idea of Feng Shui was born.Even though I have some interest in energy work, I was a bit skeptical at first, however I had decided to follow my instincts and intuition. I started to look around and talk to my friends. Eventually I was referred to Meena from Momentum Feng Shui.Meena’s knowledge and willingness to help was amazing and gave me hope for much needed change.During our first meeting not only did she come prepared with her “tools” but also did a beautiful smudging ceremony that just left me feeling peaceful and excited. The gift bag that was offered to me was filled with a cute bracelet, gem keychain and smudging stick. They were adorable! We discussed my goals and desired outcome.Meena has a very calm, loving demeanor which allowed me to talk to her freely. I felt she genuinely wanted to help and assist me in my new journey. I loved her passion and energy!We then went around my place and that’s when she gave me ideas/ suggestions on which items to move and replace. Even though they were just a few suggestions in the beginning, somehow things felt lighter already.Her detailed report of recommendations and remedies was easy to follow and did not require buying large pieces of furniture. The small changes that were suggested started to make a big difference in my life. My sleep has improved, I felt more energized and strangers started to smile at me! Meena’s ongoing commitment and dedication to me went above and beyond. She helped me successfully set up everything according to the measurements and corners. Meena was quick to respond to my needs by texting or calling me back.My freshly updated apartment now feels flowy and joyful (not to mention clutter free). Every time I open or close my front door I get a smile on my face because after removing a rug from my front door I feel like I fly “in/out” like a bird. One of the areas where the energy was stuck was at the front door. This solution was very simple to do and it made a tremendous change in the flow.I am so happy and grateful for my experience with Meena from Momentum Feng Shui. I strongly recommend her wonderful service to anybody who wants to create positive changes in their lives. I’m excited about what the future unfolds!
  • Avatar KALBINDER BAINS ★★★★★ a year ago
    Meena is amazing. She came to my home and the passion and great energy she had you could truly feel it. She is very knowledgeable in what she does and takes her time to explain everything to you. Not only does it stop there she continues … More to follow up on a regular basis and gives on going advice without any hesitation. I am so glad I met her as I have more clarity in my life. Thank you Meena
  • Avatar Seema Shridhar ★★★★★ a year ago
    Meena is full of knowledge and has a passion for everything to do with Feng Shui. She listens to your concerns and delivers solutions. She is easy to talk to and the solutions are very easy to do if done right. I would recommend her … More services very highly.
  • Avatar fav browngurl ★★★★★ a year ago
    Meeting Meena was meant to be. There is a purpose when people come together, serendipitously , seeking healing and strength. Meena has allowed me to explore and learn about a new modality of healing, but in my own way. I am thankful to … More her for understanding my religious sensitivities, while educating me how to improve myself spiritually. I truly believe it was not a coincidence that the divine energies brought us together, to be sisters in grace, knowledge and strength.Thank you Meena for always answering my novice questions and being so gracious with your knowledge.
  • Avatar Aspen Designs ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Worked with Meena and team to bring Fengshui to our new local Furniture business, to increase stability and prosperity. It was a pleasure. highly recommend.
  • Avatar Judy Holt ★★★★★ a year ago
    I had a great experience with Meena who used her magic to feng shui my office via online.She was professional, knowledgeable, helpful, understanding and patient with me in the process of getting my office set up to best suit my business … More goals for productivity & attracting abundance.Thank you Meena!
  • Avatar Ruchika Walia ★★★★★ a year ago
    I consulted with Meena @ Momentum Feng Shui both for my business and home a few months ago and after noticing positive changes in my business and home... I thought of writing this review. Apart from clearing the stagnant energy with the … More power of Feng Shui and energy clearing ritual, she also elaborated on the power in intention setting, provided guidance in buying simple remedies for best results and following up after initial consultation. I highly recommend her services as she goes above and beyond when it comes to providing customer service.
  • Avatar Amy mann ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    I attended first time and I really enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot of new things which I didn’t know. Meena is awesome and very helpful 🙏🏼
  • Avatar adriana galiano ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Beautiful workshop Meena Congrats. Highly recommend!
  • Avatar Neha Aggarwal ★★★★★ 2 months ago
  • Avatar Kimela Pirfany ★★★★★ 6 months ago
  • Avatar Preety Mehra ★★★★★ a year ago
  • Avatar Shubha Yadav ★★★★★ 2 months ago


  • I took Meena's Vision Board/Feng Shui workshop. The course was so refreshing; I've been working with Vision Boards and working with them using the concepts of Feng Shui, elevates this practice. The meditations and suggested rituals are another wonder... Read More
  • February 20th 2022. Meena, your workshop today with the guided mediation was remarkable. It was extremely powerful, I could feel the positive energy from your teaching and guidance. Thank you for providing the insights and tools to create my Feng Shu... Read More
  • I had a great experience joining Meena's workshop this past week. She told us different ways on how to clear the energy in the house by yourself. I, also bought crystal bracelet from her to help me feel grounded and for self love. After an amazing se... Read More
  • I participated in a Feng Shui vision board workshop with Meena and it was simply amazing. The workshop provides you with a wealth of information not only about the principles of Feng Shui but about manifestation with intention and meditation Meena is... Read More
  • Enjoyed every bit of the virtual workshop and gained a lot of knowledge! Meena is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain concepts clearly. This was my first time and I will definitely be attending more workshops in future.

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