Personal Trigram

Have you heard of the term “Personal Trigram” in Feng Shui and confused with what it is? Your Personal Trigram is based on your gender and date of birth and is used to determine your compatibility with a building, as well as your most auspicious direction and directions to avoid. It is your personal blueprint because it is determined from your birth and the key to how you’re influenced by Earth’s magnetic pull your entire lifetime.

Finding your personal Feng Shui element can allow you to bring things into your environment that will feed you to thrive and help you to position yourself in directions that will improve flow. Essence Colours are colours that feed you. For example, if you’re a number 9, then your element is fire. Wood is the element that feeds fire, so bringing in little amounts of red/sunlight, red colours and wood or plants will help support you in your home – red because it represents the fire element. Your essence colours also help to support your energy and are the best colours for things that touch your body, such as clothing, bed sheets, even the colour of your car. Also bring in wood and green colours, as wood feeds fire!

Your Personal Best Direction is your best location for prosperity and great fame and it’s recommended to have your back face this direction for productivity. When setting up your desk both at home or in the office, position yourself with your back to this direction, as well as in the living room and dining room and you will be constantly supported while sitting. If you want to improve sleep, put the headboard of your bed facing the best sleeping direction.

Personal Trigram for Feng Shui

Personal Trigram for Feng Shui

Using your preferred directions can help give you a boost. It can manifest in your personal life or give you a professional edge. Many people report getting better sleep or being calmer when they utilize their best directions. As well, success in business and being seen as more trust worthy and likeable can also be the pay off in making these subtle changes to how you position yourself at work and home. Intrigued?

Your Personal Trigram Report consists of…..

· Your Essence Colours; Your power colour to wear when doing presentations, going for job interviews, an important meeting, social media marketing etc. A wallet in this colour will support your finances.

· The Colours that feed you; i.e. Wood feeds Fire so you would use Green to enhance the Red.

· The Colours and Elements that deplete you; in the above example, it would be Earth and Water so stay away from Yellow/Brown, Blue/Black colours.

· Direction Group you belong to; East or West Groups (8 Mansion Theory)

· Your Qualities outlined as per your Trigram

· Your optimum personal best direction. This is the best location to support Prosperity and Great Fame so have your back face this direction for productivity, studying or concentrating in solitude. Best location for the main breadwinner of the home to enter in.

· The best location correlated with your Great Health and Good Fortune. Know which location is best for the parents/elders of the home. Have your back face this direction while eating for better nutritional digestion.

· Your best location for Family Harmony, Good Public Relationships and Longevity. Know which is the good health direction for the children in the home. This area improves family relationships and prevents arguments.

· Your best sleeping orientation for Overall Harmony, Clarity (decision making) and Peace. Discover the best direction to place your headboard (so that the crown of your head faces this direction) to receive a good night’s sleep. Sleeping in this direction also helps with fertility.

Intrigued and want to know about your best Power Colours and Directions, send an email including your DOB and you will receive a follow-up email including your Personal Trigram.


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