Sage and Abalone Shell Bundle


  • Available for pick up in Surrey, Langley or White Rock only

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Abalone Shell:¬†Abalone shells are commonly and traditionally used in smudging rituals. They are practical because they catch the hot cinders that fall away from the smudging stick after it has burnt. They are also grounding and a beautiful gift due to their iridescence colours, from Mother Earth’s ocean.

Lavender Infused Sage: This top-quality white sage is salvia apiana. Salvia is from the Latin word salvare which means to heal. This natural, freshly picked white sage has long been used in cleansing ceremonies. It is used to cleanse negativity from people, objects and dwelling places.

When combined with lavender it creates a sense of tranquillity. The combination of the sweet white sage, with the soothing and uplifting floral scent of lavender, promotes inner calm and attracts love.

Simply light tip, blow out the flame and waft the smoke. Extinguish in the sand.

  • Available for pick up in Surrey, Langley or White Rock only

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