6 Feng Shui Business Tips To Attract More Customers

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February is the month of love, and I’m taking the time to also highlight a different kind of relationship: business relationships. While Feng Shui is commonly used to enhance the energy within our homes, this ancient practice can also have powerful effects on your business, including the interactions and relationships within your office. Whether you want to know how to attract more customers, boost employee communication, or find your dream business partner, the following Classical Feng Shui business tips can support a positive energy flow.

1. Make Sure You Are Aligned with Yourself and Your Business

Any successful business outcome begins from the inside out. It is essential that you love and are passionate about what you do so that your business continues filling your cup even on the hard days.

When you are satisfied with your business venture, you can show up with a positive mindset and renewed vigor day after day. This abundant energy will not only help attract ideal clients but can also strengthen relationships with your coworkers or employees. Grounding exercises, meditation, and other practices, like journaling, can help you stay in alignment.

You are sure to find a lot of decor tips, which are undoubtedly important. However, the most important thing is making sure you feel supported by the space. Find a way to marry the Feng Shui business best practices with your personal style for maximum energetic benefits.

2. Set Intentions and Regularly Affirm Them

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If you want to attract more customers or create better business relationships, manifest them! Set an intention for harmony, success, and strong networks within your space. Write down your intentions, create positive affirmations regarding them, and infuse your office with them.

For example, here are a few positive affirmations you can use to enhance your business relationships:

  • I attract kind, generous clients who know what they want.
  • I provide positive value to the lives of my customers.
  • My business is a place that people want to visit.
  • I have the capacity to service X amount of clients each day.

3. Create a Feng Shui Vision Board


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A Classical Feng Shui vision board is a powerful tool for manifesting your desires for your business. You can place images of the kinds of clients you want to attract and/or symbols of people or other businesses that would be most helpful. Place them in the northwest region of your vision board, as this area represents “helpful people.” You can also do some work in the southwest sector, which affects love & relationships, including those relating to partnerships, colleagues, and more.

Place your vision board where you’ll see it regularly while still keeping it protected.

It’s important to remember that there are major differences between a typical vision board and a Feng Shui vision board. My virtual vision board course will take you through the steps of creating a supercharged vision board based on the practices of Classical Feng Shui. Get access to the course here.

4. Declutter Your Office

We are energetic beings. To attract more customers or clients with like-minded energies, you have to make sure the pathway is clear. Get rid of stagnant energy throughout the office by removing broken equipment, filing away completed files immediately, and even closing out some of those opened tabs on your computer screen. After all, digital clutter on your phone or laptop can be just as disruptive and take up just as much mental space as physical clutter. This physical and energetic action makes space for new people and opportunities to show up.

5. Update Your Office Layout


People want to go places that feel comfortable and inviting. There are many ways to create a pleasant space that enhances employee communications, as well as attracts new networking connections.

People who work together should face each other or toward a central space, even if there are dividers between them. This layout supports open communication and collaboration. Adding communal areas with comfortable seating can further strengthen this connection.

A brightly lit south area can increase yang energy, which invites new people and social circles. While natural light is best, warm bulbs can also work in your favour.

6. Focus on Important Classical Feng Shui Sectors

As mentioned, the northwest area of your office represents helpful people, therefore I highly recommend enhancing this area. You can include objects honoring important mentors who would be of most help to your business. By focusing on this area, you can attract mutually beneficial business relationships. It can support your ability to both give and receive help.

While the southwest sector is most associated with romantic love, it can also influence other relationships, including between colleagues, within your professional network, and more. You can place files that contain information regarding successful partnerships, photos that show strong business relationships, and similar representation in this area of your office.

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