How To Set Up Feng Shui-Friendly Office for Success

Mindful Office Feng Shui can be a powerful tool for boosting, growing or invigorating your Career or Business. Whether you are considering Feng Shui for the Office at Home or you want to incorporate Feng Shui in your Business, there are simple Feng Shui practices that can help you reach new levels of wealth, growth, and success. You can easily apply many of these Office Feng Shui tips in your own space while also encouraging your employees to do the same. I encourage you to follow these tips to allow Chi to flow freely and attract new opportunities in your work.

Command Position

The command position is an important principle of Feng Shui. In my work, I often talk to my clients about the command position as it can be applied in any space of your Home or Office. We may talk about the command position of furniture in your bedroom or living room and in your Office, the command position relates to the position of your desk.

When positioning your desk, you want your back to a wall to provide support and you do not want to face a wall. Think of the common expressions “I’ve got your back” or “you’re hitting your head against a wall.” You should be able to see the door without being direct across from it. If you have a window, it should ideally be to your left or right. This command position in Office Feng Shui puts you in a position of control where you can see what is coming and allows energy to flow freely.

Feng Shui Office Desk

In my consultations about Feng Shui in the Office, I encourage my clients to think about the type of desk they use and how their desk is organized. You should choose a solid desk that is made from wood to create stability in your work and career. Avoid glass desks as glass represents fragile, broken energy.

You should keep your desk free of clutter – I recommend organizing and clearing drawers at least every few months.  Only keep active files on your desk so that the energy is current and moving in the right direction.  A well-organized desk with minimal clutter creates space for opportunities and promotes growth and prosperity.

Feng Shui Devices

Sometimes my clients are surprised that Feng Shui principles apply to your computer or device as well. As you want to remove clutter from your desk, you also want to remove clutter from your devices. Delete any files or phone numbers that you no longer need. Maintain your email inbox and files so they are current and useful. Ample free space on your computer and devices is important to allow the universe to deliver new opportunities and for Chi to flow freely.  I always start my devices at least daily for a few minutes to invite fresh Chi – just as you would open your windows to allow stale Chi to escape, starting your devices prevents Chi from being trapped.

Your device or desktop screens are a great place to use affirmations to remind you of your current intentions and to inspire growth and prosperity. I love to turn on my computer to see beautiful affirmations, but it’s also important to keep them current. You can even use affirmations as your passwords for inspiration and to welcome clear, positive energies. Affirmations in your passwords and home screens are an easy and effective method to remind your higher self of your true intentions.

Other Office Feng Shui Tips

There are many other ways you can apply Feng Shui principles in your Office or the Home Office.

  • Place a Crystal at or close to your desk. Citrine is a very powerful Crystal to enhance Career properties while Clear Quartz aids in Manifesting your desires.
  • Fresh live plants invite live, healthy energy into your Office.
  • Like you would regularly clean your windows, and keep your device screens clean to invite prosperity and prospective opportunities into your career.
  • Avoid office clutter by removing old equipment and furniture (desks, scanners, printers) that are not serving you to allow free-flowing Chi.
  • Take a minimalist approach in your Office and allow the Universe to present you with new ideas, opportunities, and paths to success.

If you want to learn more about Office Feng Shui, I am a Certified Classical Feng Shui Master with the skills and experience to help you evaluate your unique Office space and make specific recommendations that allow you to apply Feng Shui principles to boost your career and Business. Click here to book your free Discovery Call.