Unlock the Secrets to a Vibrant Life with Classical Feng Shui Decluttering

In the quest for harmony and abundance, Classical Feng Shui presents a transformative practice often overlooked yet fundamental to our well-being: decluttering. This ancient art goes beyond mere tidiness, teaching us to align our spaces with the flow of positive energy, or Chi, to invite prosperity, happiness, and peace into our lives.

But how does one begin this journey? Let’s delve into the Classical Feng Shui approach to decluttering, guiding you through the critical zones in your home to rejuvenate your space and, by extension, your life.

The Feng Shui Decluttering Philosophy: An Energetic Dance

Decluttering, according to Feng Shui, is not just about creating physical space but about initiating an energetic dance with the universe. Our surroundings are brimming with energy—some vibrant and flowing, others stagnant and blocking.

By taking small yet significant steps to declutter, we signal to the universe our readiness for change and improvement. This creates a cycle of positive energy exchange, empowering us to further cleanse our spaces and welcome new opportunities.

Where to Begin: Six Critical Zones for Feng Shui Decluttering

Embarking on a decluttering journey can seem daunting, yet focusing on six key areas of your home can make this task manageable and profoundly effective.

Here’s how to harness the power of Feng Shui to transform your living space:

Outside the Front Door: Welcoming Positive Energy

Clearing the path to your front door is essential for inviting positive Chi into your home. This space acts as the mouth of Chi, where energy enters.

By removing obstacles such as old flowerpots and broken items, you ensure that this vital energy can flow freely into your home, setting a tone of welcome and abundance right from the entrance.

Front Door Feng Shui: Gateway for Prosperity

The front door, or the entryway, is critical in Feng Shui as it dictates how energy enters your home. A clutter-free and inviting entrance allows Chi to flow seamlessly, bringing with it opportunities, wealth, and positivity.

Consider adding vibrant plants to further activate this area and attract prosperity.


Inside the Home Harmony: Creating Serene Living Spaces

Immediately upon entry, the organization and harmony of your home’s interior set the stage for a peaceful and positive living environment. Ensure that shoes, coats, and daily essentials have their designated places, reducing visual clutter and allowing energy to circulate.

This practice not only welcomes guests but also ensures that you step into tranquility and order after a day’s work. Read more about 8 Ways to Create an Energy Boost Around Your Home here.

Bedroom Serenity: Enhancing Rest and Relationships

The bedroom is your sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation. Clutter here can lead to disrupted sleep and stagnation in personal relationships. Keep the area under your bed clear to allow energy to rise and enhance restorative sleep.

Additionally, ensure that the room reflects balance and peace, potentially improving love and harmony in your relationships.

Kitchen Cleanse: Nourishing Wealth and Health



The kitchen, regarded as the heart of the home, is where the wealth (through nourishment) of the family is generated. A decluttered kitchen promotes healthy eating habits and invites prosperity. Ensure your stove is clean and in good working order, as it symbolizes wealth.

Organizing your pantry and refrigerator can also contribute to better energy flow and abundance.

Workspace Wisdom: Fostering Success and Creativity

A clutter-free workspace is vital for clarity of mind, creativity, and success. Old bills and paperwork can anchor you to past stresses and financial worries.

Regularly clearing your desk and organizing your office space can help in removing these energy blockages, paving the way for new opportunities and achievements in your professional life.

The Path Forward: Decluttering as a Way of Life

Decluttering, according to Classical Feng Shui, is more than a one-time effort; it’s a continuous practice that aligns our environments with our aspirations. It’s about making intentional choices about what we keep in our spaces, ensuring everything serves a purpose or brings joy.

As we declutter, we not only transform our homes but also clear the way for personal growth and fulfillment.

The practice of Classical Feng Shui decluttering offers a pathway to transform not just our living spaces but our lives. By focusing on key areas within our homes, we can enhance the flow of positive energy, inviting prosperity, health, and harmony.

Remember, every item removed and every space cleared is a step towards a more balanced, abundant, and joyful existence. Embrace the journey of decluttering, and let the vibrant energy of a harmoniously arranged space propel you toward your dreams.

How to use Kitchen Feng Shui to bring Wealth and Abundance into your life

The kitchen is one of the central areas of your home. It’s a place you and your family will spend a lot of time. You’ll cook and eat meals together here, and you’ll gather with friends and share stories and memories. This keyspace in your home interacts with fire energy, suppressing negative Chi and retaining positive energy in the kitchen. Here’s how to use Feng Shui to bring wealth and abundance for the kitchen to achieve good effects.

How to Organize Your Kitchen

You don’t have to be a Feng Shui specialist to know that the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. In Feng Shui, though, this room is significant. We all spend a lot of time in our kitchens, so the energy in this space is continuously flowing. With that in mind, it’s crucial that we keep this space clean, refreshed and organized. A chaotic, messy kitchen creates a cluttered, disordered life. Keep your kitchen organized, clean, light, airy and full of free-flowing energy for a better life! 

Kitchen Feng Shui Colours and Decoration 

It may not seem important to decorate your kitchen since it’s a more functional room in your home, but there are some things to consider. 

Firstly, avoid using the colour red when decorating your kitchen because the fire element already dominates the room. Adding red to this will throw it entirely out of balance.  

I also recommend placing Feng Shui kitchen mirrors or some other reflective surface behind the stove to reflect the burners. The burners are associated with wealth and abundance. So by reflecting on them, you’re increasing the visible number of burners in the room, therefore increasing wealth. The reflection also helps you visualize the space behind you while cooking, putting you in the command position in the room. 

Be mindful of the Feng Shui water element in your kitchen too. Water dampens fire energy, so avoid having too much blue in your kitchen decor. 

Feng Shui Tips for Stove


The stove represents Feng Shui symbol of wealth and prosperity. We recommend using all the burners instead of only the same one or two you prefer to use. Using them on rotation signifies making the most of the potential wealth available to you. By only using one or two burners, you’re limiting your potential. 

It goes without saying that you should keep the stove clean, which allows the Chi in the cooked food to remain energized. A dirty stove depletes energy and therefore, drains finances.  

Healthy Meal Preparation  

One of the prime uses of the Kitchen is for meal preparation, which is a source of prosperity and health in Feng Shui. Did you know your emotions penetrate the food while you’re cooking? This is why you should prepare your meals with love, transferring healthy eating between you and your family. 

Make sure you keep your food pantry organized and decluttered. If you have expired food items in the pantry or fridge, make sure you throw them out. Any almost empty jars and packets should be disposed of too, as this represents lack.  

Be sure to remove all the garbage daily and keep your garbage can out of sight under the sink to avoid money loss. Food is meant to invigorate you, but it can impact your health and relationships when you see food scraps and remains in the garbage. 

Kitchen Utensils and Gadgets 

A fundamental rule of Feng Shui in the kitchen is to keep your knives stored out of sight. Knives, unsurprisingly, have piercing energy and can cut through good Chi, so it’s essential to keep them tucked away in drawers.   

Don’t leave empty pans on stovetops or countertops. This signifies emptiness and a lack of Feng Shui abundance.  Remove chipped dishes or broken items as crockery symbolizes wealth and cracked plates represent failure.

Best Kitchen Lighting 

As with any other area of the house, a well-lit kitchen is important in Feng Shui. Having good Feng Shui lighting while you’re in the kitchen and using the space helps draw good Chi.  

Feng Shui Kitchen Plants 

Plants in the kitchen and flowers are important to attract wood Chi energy. You can also include herbs and fruits to enhance your kitchen’s energy.

By displaying nine oranges in a bowl on the center island not only signifies health, citrus is also known to remove bad luck. Of course, many of these things you can do and achieve by yourself.

For a complete and personalized assessment of your kitchen, I recommend a consultation. If you’d like me to share how you can increase Feng Shui in your kitchen to improve wealth and abundance, do get in touch