Feng Shui Tips for Moving into your Newly Constructed Home

Moving into a newly constructed Home can be an exciting time in life.  You’re taking possession of a brand new Home and you have an unparalleled opportunity to make that Home your own.  From the earliest design phases to your final move in date, there are some Feng Shui basics for your Home that can help you cultivate powerful, positive energy that ultimately brings you and your family peace and prosperity.  Understanding Feng Shui and applying some simple tips can ensure that your Home is not just cozy and comfortable but also promotes free-flowing and energizing Chi.  Let’s take a closer look at Feng Shui to move into a new Home.

Whether you are considering exterior paint colours, landscaping, or other design elements, a Feng Shui Home study can be a great place to start.  As a Classical Feng Shui Consultant, I can provide a full-scale review of your Home (inside and out) to help you make decisions that invite healing energy into your Home while preventing heavy energy from entering.  Some of the key principles of house moving Feng Shui can be easily applied when you have built a new Home because you have total control over your Home’s construction and design.  So with that in mind, it is important to consider every detail of construction including landscaping, yard elements, and entryway design.

Easy Feng Shui Landscaping Tips

Plants are an important tool in Feng Shui, so you should not be surprised to learn that landscaping can have a big impact on your new Home Feng Shui.  When choosing plants for your yard, I always recommend that you plant small shrubs around your walkway.  Be mindful of the “power of 2s” and avoid having a single overwhelming plant or a single-potted plant at your entrance.  Create balance and promote Chi flow by pairing plants.  Also, a good Feng Shui tip is to plant shrubs that are green year round but be careful not to let them get overgrown and block your entryway or walkway.

Feng Shui Entrance Tips

According to Feng Shui Home design principles, you should carefully consider your walkway and entryway to your Home.  For example, it is not suggested to create a straight line to your front door; instead, Feng Shui Home Construction experts recommend a meandering walkway that is clear of clutter or obstacles.  Your front door should be easily visible from the street; and according to Feng Shui practice, it is also important that your house numbers are visible so you can easily invite positive energy into your Home to allow it to circulate.  Outside lighting is also important and should be balanced so that your entry is clearly illuminated, house numbers are visible, and energy moves easily. 

Exterior Home Feng Shui Elements

There are also Feng Shui Home ideas that can guide you when making decisions about the exterior element of your Home. I always recommend that homeowners consult with their Feng Shui expert to determine the ideal colour for their Home or front door. Depending on the direction your house is facing and that of the back of your house, you should choose your exterior element wisely. Grey or white colour represent metal, but there are also colours that reflect the other Feng Shui elements: fire, water, and wood. As an example, if your Feng Shui Consultant recommends the water element then outdoor features of the back, front, and sides of your house should incorporate blue and black colours – this may include colours of the lawn furniture, planters or the colour of the outdoor decor.

Indoor Feng Shui Tips

Finally, there are many ways Feng Shui can help inside your Home as well. In previous blogs, you may have learned that Feng Shui Experts recommend avoiding plants with sharp edges, but these recommendations include décor elements as well. For example, avoid tables and other furniture that have sharp corners as these may pierce the energy in your Home. Use mats in bathrooms, front entrances, and kitchens, but choose mats that represent Feng Shui grounding colours such as off-white, beige, light brown, or clay. When choosing an outdoor mat, avoid made with coir – a hay-like fibre that breaks down over time and can also fracture the qi entering your Home.

Feng Shui for your Home is a great way to create a warm, personal energy that serves you and your family today and for years to come.  But, I know there are many factors to consider when moving into a new Home which is why you may want to work with a Classical Feng Shui Master.  I have extensive Feng Shui training and I can give you personalized advice on how to prepare your new Home for joy and prosperity. Click here to book a complimentary Discovery Call.