Top 6 Feng Shui Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas gift boxes

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year that’s filled with excitement and anticipation. It’s a time to rejoice and show your appreciation and love for your friends and family. For optimal Feng Shui, we recommend focusing on positive and uplifting energy as you spend time with them.

Some families and friends show appreciation and share positive energy through gifts. If you have someone who observes Classical Feng Shui teachings, then you may want to consider a Christmas gift with Feng Shui influence!

Feng Shui Christmas Gift Ideas

A Classical Feng Shui-inspired gift is a wonderful way to share good energy and joy with your loved ones.

Here are our top 6 gift choices to help spread positive energy:

1. Feng Shui Plants:

This gift is always popular, especially for someone who has just moved into a new home, as a healthy plant symbolizes “new beginnings and growth.” Choose a plant with healthy leaves (no brown spots or brown tips!). Leaves that point upwards help to invite upward energy.

My top recommendations for Feng Shui plants are:

Money Tree:

The money tree brings good luck and invites wealth energy to the home. Its stems are usually braided to symbolize longevity. Money trees thrive in indoor environments.

Jade or Chinese Money Plant:

Both jade plants and Chinese money plants are easy to care for.  In the case of jade, their leaves look like precious jade stones which represent long life in Feng Shui.  Chinese Money Plants have round leaves that look like coins which symbolize good luck, fortune, and money.

Lucky bamboo:

An easy-to-care-for houseplant, lucky bamboo will thrive in indirect light.  Placing the bamboo in the centre of the home attracts and improves your health while placing it close to the desk in your office helps to attract wealth and career opportunities. If you place the lucky bamboo close to where your family spends lots of time together, you’ll welcome harmonious vibes into your home.

The number of stalks of lucky bamboo that you gift is also important! 

    • 1 stalk represents good fortune
    • 2 stalks bring love energy
    • 3 stalks will bring happiness, wealth, and long life
    • 5 stalks help to bring peace and harmony to all areas of your life
    • 6 stalks will bring luck energy

Since 4 is not a good number for Feng Shui, we don’t recommend 4 stalks when buying lucky bamboo.

Snake plant:

As a super easy-to-care-for houseplant, snake plants are one of the few plants that can thrive in low light.  It’s great for removing indoor air pollutants and helps to filter out impurities.  In my Classical Feng Shui practice, I highly recommend placing a snake plant in the bedroom to help purify the air while you sleep. Since it’s slow growing, it makes a great option for smaller areas of the home.

2. Natural Crystals:

We highly recommend a gift of natural crystals if your friend or family member is interested in manifesting their goals and dreams. Different types of crystals you could gift someone will depend on their goals:

  • Amethyst to bring good luck and calming energy to the home or office.
  • Rose Quartz for enhancing love luck. Make sure you gift Rose Quartz in pairs if the person is in a relationship, to maintain love and harmony between them.
  • Black obsidian or Black Tourmaline for protection.
  • Citrine or jade for attracting wealth luck.

It’s important that if you’re gifting crystals to a friend or family member, you clear the residual energy in those crystals before wrapping them up.  Crystals pick up the energies of whoever they come in contact with.  To avoid transferring this stagnant energy into someone’s home, I recommend clearing them and resetting the energy so they are cleansed and ready to support the owner in their new home. This way, it will be a clean slate for the crystal and your friend! All crystals and crystal products listed on the Momentum shop are hand-selected and pre-cleared by me.

3. Selenite Lamp

Just like a selenite plate or wand, the selenite lamp will help remove stagnant energy, which means it will clear your mind and boost your concentration.  Selenite lamps also promote peace and calmness, clear block energy, and elevate the spirit. If your friend has a dedicated meditation area, a selenite lamp would be a great addition to their space! They can also place it on a table near the front door.

Selenite Lamp

4. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Over the past few years, Himalayan salt lamps have become extremely popular. They are natural air purifiers that make a person feel refreshed and energized when it’s used.  Place it in an area where you spend most of your time, like in your office or family room. It will help to promote a harmonious atmosphere.

5. Wealth Ship

This is a perfect gift for someone who has just started a new business venture or career. It’s given to wish them a smooth journey in their new endeavor.

6. Personalized Feng Shui Consultation

For those friends and family who feel stuck or want to significantly uplevel their lives and businesses, think about gifting them a personalized Classical Feng Shui consultation for their home or business! Guided by my Classical Feng Shui training, I’ll empower them to bring more positive energy into their lives so that they can manifest their goals. Set up a free consultation to see how I can help!

At Momentum Feng Shui, we offer a variety of Christmas Feng Shui gifts, including the natural crystals listed, crystal jewelry, salt lamps, salt water cures, and more. If you’re still feeling stuck for gift ideas for that special person in your life then please reach out. Visit my online store for a complete selection.