8 Tips to Improve Feng Shui in your Home

Simple, Feng Shui principles can have a powerful influence on your Home. Taking a mainstream, pop-culture perspective, Feng Shui Home ideas seem like basic, common-sense practices focused on decluttering your Home and getting things more organized. And while these practices are certainly connected to the traditional practice of Feng Shui, there’s so much more to it and to unlocking abundance, health, and unparalleled joy in your life. To that end, I bring you 8 tips for a Feng Shui-friendly Home.  

A Feng Shui Entryway

The entry to your Home dictates how energy flows into your Home and subsequently your life. Entryway Feng Shui guides you to carefully consider your front door so you can ensure good Feng Shui in your Home. Remove clutter and keep your entry clear of debris and garbage. Place a welcoming mat at your front door and make sure that you shake it out regularly. Create an inviting and open space that freely allows good energy to enter your Home.

Feng Shui Windows

Clean your windows regularly and open your blinds every morning to ensure that adequate sunlight enters your Home for good Feng Shui. Sunlight brings natural and invigorating energy while also enhancing the vibrancy of colours and objects in your Home. Open your windows too and allow fresh air to revive the energy.

Lighting and Feng Shui

Problem areas in your Home can be remedied with appropriate Feng Shui lighting ideas. Light is fundamental to balanced chi in your Home; and while natural light is always preferred, it is not always available. Lamps are an easy Feng Shui light fixture that can introduce more light into dark rooms and spaces which is especially important in rooms where you participate in more activities. Also, make sure to have a well-lit entryway to your Home and even to the important rooms in your Home. For example, for improved Home Office Feng Shui, you can try wall sconces at the entry on either side of your office door.

Feng Shui Plants

Plants represent life and energy as they allow us to connect to nature from the comfort of our Home. Plants bring good Feng Shui because they refresh energy and bring vitality to any space. Consider plants that can purify the air such as Acreca Palm or Boston Firm.  There are also Feng Shui plants that promote wealth and abundance such as Jade or Bonsai Trees. Always avoid spiky plants such as the cactus that bring sharp energy that can actually drain energy from your Home and your body.

Command Position

A fundamental principle of Feng Shui is the command position. Command position determines how you position yourself in your life and the basic principles of command position are applied to your bed, desk, and stove. In Feng Shui, each of these pieces of furniture represents the person and components of their life. You are the bed. Your career is the desk. And the stove represents abundance. When considering Feng Shui in your Home, position your bed, desk, and stove so that you can see the door without being direct across from it. In other words, position these pieces of furniture diagonal to the door to attain the command position so that you can maintain command in your life. 

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Feng Shui Crystals

My final tip for a Feng Shui-friendly Home is to incorporate Crystals into your space. Feng Shui Crystal’s placement can be important. For example, hanging Feng Shui Crystals in windows can attract and distribute chi in a room while also preventing good energy from escaping a room. Depending on your goal, there are many appropriate Feng Shui bedroom Crystals. For example, Rose Quartz or Amazonite on your bedside table can help you reconnect with self-acceptance and healing. Feng Shui Crystals can be used anywhere in the Home; for example, Black Tourmaline with Mica kept outside your front door can also prevent negative energy from entering and Amethyst can be placed in your Meditation area to maintain calmer and grounding vibes. 

Decorating with Feng Shui

Uplifting and inspiring artwork is a Feng Shui energy enhancer. When you are decorating with Feng Shui in mind, you should also choose art that represents the 5 Feng Shui elements.

  • The Wood Element is reflected in artwork with trees, forests, or driftwood.  You can choose paintings or wall art made from wooden materials.
  • The Element of Water can be represented in paintings of rivers, waterfalls, the ocean, or lakes.
  • The Fire Element may be seen in artwork with cozy scenes by a fireplace or candlelight. 
  • The Element of Earth is seen in landscape paintings with mountains or plants.
  • The Element of Metal is easily represented in artwork made from metal materials including silver, bronze, or copper.
  • Remove Obstacles

Various obstacles can impede the flow of chi in your Home. Implementing Feng Shui in your Home often involves some degree of decluttering. But make no mistake – one of the main purposes of decluttering is to remove obstacles that may block energy in your Home. This is particularly true at your front door where energy enters your Home. Even furniture such as tall bookcases, dressers, or chests should be arranged carefully so they are offset from your usual position rather than directly across or opposite you.  

Consult a Feng Shui Expert

As you can see, there are many ways that you can make your Home more Feng Shui friendly today. Nevertheless, Classical Feng Shui is a very precise practice and it has taken me years to learn and hone my skills to truly unlock the powers of Feng Shui. If you want to learn more about incorporating Feng Shui principles in your Home, book a discovery call and I look forward to assisting you in elevating your Feng Shui journey with Momentum Feng Shui.