What is a Feng Shui Wallet, and how can it increase your Wealth?

What is a Feng Shui Wallet, and how can it increase your Wealth?

Did you know that the energy you give out to the universe attracts the energy that comes back to you? This energy includes Wealth magnetism. A Feng Shui Wallet is a great tool for attracting and strengthening the flow of Wealth and Prosperity. 

Here are some quick tips to help you start manifesting the Wealth magnetism energy you already have:


Respect and store your Feng Shui Wallet or purse properly.

If you treat your wallet or purse with respect and respect, it will return gratitude to you tenfold. Please don’t leave it on the ground (especially on the bathroom floor) or throw it anywhere you feel convenient, like the dining room table or on the fridge. Instead, allocate a special location in your house for it, placing it back there anytime you return home, so it feels treasured. 

Keep the focus on finances.

Since your Feng Shui Wallet is about your financial health, do not store personal photos in it. If you do, this can lead to a mix of energies, confusing the intentions you desire. Having things that take up space in your wallet can also easily represent things blocking or draining your financial affairs, for example, old receipts. Make room for Prosperity to thrive. 

Maintain a tidy wallet.

Your wallet is not an exception to the rule that good vibes won’t happen in a messy space. Money folding up, crumpled or stuffed carelessly inside your wallet or purse, symbolizes a careless disregard of your finances. Bills should ideally face the same way with denominations grouped in ascending order. Coins should always be separated from paper money and placed in a coin purse or a separate change compartment in your wallet. Loose coins can mean lost Wealth. 

Try organizing your wallet every month. Full Moon energy is a great time to release what is no longer serving us so go through your wallet and purge the old receipts, bills and clutter and make room for new.

Keeping your wallet organized, clean, and decluttered will make you feel good, as it’s something you touch often during your day.

Don’t store too many credit cards in your Feng Shui Wallet.

Try to keep only two to three credit cards in your wallet at one time, as they represent borrowed money. This borrowed money refers to debt or money that is not technically yours. Having too many credit cards can take away your abundance of Wealth magnetism and become a financial trap. Your wallet should have more space for cash and less space for credit cards, making more room for prosperity to enter.

Stock up on crystals that represent abundance.

Aventurine, Jade, Peridot, or Citrine crystals help to attract abundance. Charging these crystals on a Full Moon and carrying a small crystal of them in your wallet will start shifting the energy around your finances, especially if you have the ones that relate to what you most want to improve.  

Be mindful of your Feng Shui Wallet colours.  

Did you know that the colour of your wallet or purse can impact your ability to attract Wealth? A Personal Trigram helps identify your recommended Feng Shui wallet colours using your gender and date of birth. Knowing the best Feng Shui Wallet colours for you will help you thrive and position you in directions that will further improve the flow of Wealth magnetism. 


Ensure your wallet is in good shape

In addition to being mindful of the color of your wallet, you always want to purchase a brand new wallet as a used Feng Shui Wallet will have the previous owner’s energy absorbed into it. Purchasing a new wallet energetically allows you to claim it as your own. Your new wallet doesn’t need to be expensive or fancy, just something that you love. What’s important is that if you want to attract Wealth, you want to make sure your wallet looks like a Wealth symbol to the Universe. Prosperous energy deserves a nice, shiny treasure chest. 

These tips only scratch the surface of what Feng Shui can offer. If you want to amplify the energy in your space and attract more Wealth Chi, there are many other Feng Shui Cures you can add to your home or office. You can always reach out to me directly. I’m available for in-person bookings or virtual Feng Shui consultations. I can be reached at 236-886-1688 or email at meena@momentumfengshui.com.

What is a Feng Shui Wealth Vase and How to Make One?

image of a blue Feng Shui wealth vase

Feng Shui is commonly used to create Wealth, Prosperity, and attract Abundance by placing particular objects in a specific area within a Home or Business. For example, the Feng Shui Bagua or energy map has an area dedicated to Wealth and Prosperity in the Southeast section. Purple or Red elements in a home can also attract Wealth, as can certain plants (the Feng Shui Money Plant is a popular choice). Depending on the location of your front door, even its colour can help attract Wealth.

In this blog, we’ll look in particular at the Feng Shui Wealth Vase and its role in manifesting wealth and prosperity, as well as how you can make one for your home or business. If you need guidance and more information on creating and placing your vase for your Home, Business, and Real Estate based on your Personalized Direction, we invite you to book your 20-minute Discovery Call with Meena HERE.

What is a Feng Shui Wealth Vase?

An ancient Feng Shui secret used by Chinese royals and the wealthy, a Feng Shui Wealth Vase attracts Wealth, energy, Prosperity, and Abundance to one’s life, Business, and family. The vase contains tremendous Chi energy infused through various added ingredients and symbols. These symbols may include traditional representations of Wealth (money), stamps of Wealth and ease (clear round crystal balls), and items that represent Wealth (seeds that symbolize the prosperity of having plenty to eat). The “ping” sound that the vase makes means “Peace,” reflecting the Feng Shui belief that vases capture and store Auspicious and Beneficial energy.

Wealth vases are often given as gifts to temples and handed down from generation to generation. The vase can be found in the footprints of Buddha, making them a highly revered Feng Shui object.


Wealth Vase Rules

There are specific rules regarding the use of Wealth Vases:

  • Rule #1: Vases should be stored with respect in the Southeast section of the Home, Office, or Living room.
  • Rule #2: Choose wide vases at the bottom and narrow at the top. A classic ginger jar is often the preferred choice.
  • Rule #3: Select a vase that looks beautiful to you.
  • Rule #4: Vases should be porcelain, crystal, or earthenware.
  • Rule #5: Vases should only be filled 3/4 full (keeping room for Abundance to grow) and sealed with a fitted top.

Preparing Your Feng Shui Wealth Vase

Before placing anything in your vase, you want to clean it. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Set the incense holder on a table.
  2. Light a sandalwood incense cone or stick and place it in the holder.
  3. Turn the vase upside down and hold the opening over the incense.
  4. Fill the vase with smoke from the incense to clear out any stagnant chi energy.
  5. Once you feel the energy has been cleared, turn the vase upright and set it on the table. You can either let the incense continue to burn or snuff it out.

Ingredients to Place In Your Vase

When filling your vase, the following ingredients are suggested:

  • Semi-precious or precious stones
  • Three Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon signifying Wealth magnified ten times
  • A small laughing Buddha or Tibetan God of Wealth
  • Small round crystal balls signify a smooth life and lack of obstacles
  • Five kinds of seeds or grains in plastic bags
  • Pictures of wealthy people whom you admire (magazine photos are OK)
  • Gold ingots or bars. Faux gold objects are fine, but real gold is incredibly beneficial.
  • A tiny globe representing money coming from all over the world is placed in the envelope with the money from different countries.
  • Your wish. What is your desire? A yacht? A lucrative career? Include a picture of your heart’s dearest wish.

Assembling Your Feng Shui Wealth Vase

When adding the ingredients to your vase, you should do so with deliberate intent and respect for each item.

  1. Start by holding the vase’s neck between your hands, focusing your energy on the inside of the vase.
  2. Next, meditate on your intentions for creating your vase and imagine filling the vase with your desires, hopes, wishes, plans, and goals.
  3. You can begin filling it once you feel you’ve added your energy to the vase.

Sealing Your Feng Shui Wealth Vase

Once you have filled your vase, cover it with colourful cloth representing the five elements in colour. Finally, tie the fabric around the top of your vase to seal it shut.

Each year, on the anniversary of creating your vase, you can add one or two pieces of gold, coins, and paper money to symbolize adding to your Wealth. Be sure to replace the cloth, retie the ribbon, and set the vase back in its place of storage or display.

For guidance and more information on creating and placing your vase for your Home, Business, and Real Estate based on your Personalized Direction, book your 20-minute Discovery Call with Meena HERE.