June 2, 2019

My experience with Meena from Momentum Feng Shui was fantastic! Few weeks ago (maybe I was having my “aha” moment) I noticed that there was not much going on in my life. I was busy doing things but there were no major changes happening. I had realized that soon it was going to be 5 years since I had moved into my new apartment. As much as I like my place, there were no life changing experiences I desperately desired. That’s when I decided to do something about it and the idea of Feng Shui was born.
Even though I have some interest in energy work, I was a bit skeptical at first, however I had decided to follow my instincts and intuition. I started to look around and talk to my friends. Eventually I was referred to Meena from Momentum Feng Shui.
Meena’s knowledge and willingness to help was amazing and gave me hope for much needed change.
During our first meeting not only did she come prepared with her “tools” but also did a beautiful smudging ceremony that just left me feeling peaceful and excited. The gift bag that was offered to me was filled with a cute bracelet, gem keychain and smudging stick. They were adorable! We discussed my goals and desired outcome.

Meena has a very calm, loving demeanor which allowed me to talk to her freely. I felt she genuinely wanted to help and assist me in my new journey. I loved her passion and energy!

We then went around my place and that’s when she gave me ideas/ suggestions on which items to move and replace. Even though they were just a few suggestions in the beginning, somehow things felt lighter already.
Her detailed report of recommendations and remedies was easy to follow and did not require buying large pieces of furniture. The small changes that were suggested started to make a big difference in my life. My sleep has improved, I felt more energized and strangers started to smile at me! Meena’s ongoing commitment and dedication to me went above and beyond. She helped me successfully set up everything according to the measurements and corners. Meena was quick to respond to my needs by texting or calling me back.

My freshly updated apartment now feels flowy and joyful (not to mention clutter free). Every time I open or close my front door I get a smile on my face because after removing a rug from my front door I feel like I fly “in/out” like a bird. One of the areas where the energy was stuck was at the front door. This solution was very simple to do and it made a tremendous change in the flow.

I am so happy and grateful for my experience with Meena from Momentum Feng Shui. I strongly recommend her wonderful service to anybody who wants to create positive changes in their lives. I’m excited about what the future unfolds!