Latest reviews and feedback from my clients:

Jennifer Smith-Petersen (Massachusetts, USA)

I was lucky enough to come across Meena of Momentum Feng Shui on social media and what a win! If you’re on the fence, go for it. In the short time I’ve worked with her my home feels lighter and happier, I got both a raise and more hours at work, my husband got a bonus at work, and we’re both feeling less stagnant. It sounds like a commercial but it’s true, I honestly got my money’s worth times 100 with Meena! I can’t say enough about her knowledge and dedication to her calling. This woman puts her enormous heart and brilliant brain into every thoughtful answer she provides.

I initially purchased a few salt water cures, something I was brand new to, and had a lot of questions about. Meena’s quick responses and broad knowledge sold me completely. My husband (not familiar with Feng Shui) enjoyed the process and the results and suggested I purchase a virtual long distance Feng shui consultation since we are in Massachusetts, USA and Meena is in British Columbia. That was a game-changer.

We got 10 years of info in that one call and the results started shortly after. More money is coming in for both of us, our home had an energetic face lift, our life is getting a good decluttering, and I’ve found a beautiful way to work with life energy. Plus, I met Meena who I will continue to work with. One of my favorite parts was Meena’s loving reminder at the end of her advice. She said something along the lines of, “remember, this is all about fun, so enjoy the process.” I am so fortunate to have found Meena and can’t wait for my more beautifully balanced home (and life!) thanks to her. She is a true gem.

Thank you so much, Meena! Sara Smith

Angel Therapy Practitioner
Meditation Coach

Thank you Momentum Feng Shui for giving me the tools to sell my home with such rapid results and awakening the Abundance centers in my physical space!

Meena’s gentle soul, heart centered presence, and precise knowledge of Classical Feng Shui, expressed by her deeply steeped mindfulness of noticing every detail of my physical surroundings and as well her connection with the vibration of my home was impeccable! She also was tapped into my personal inner Chi and how it interacted with my outer flow.

I am overjoyed that not only did my home sell within 4 days, but there is now a strong pulsation of incoming energy (Chi). Thank you so much Meena for your powerful presence and the magic you created for me and my family🙏

Sonu S (Surrey, BC)

It was a wonderful experience to work with Meena. I must say she is amazing! Meena you are a very talented, easygoing and full of motivation. I was impressed with your wealth of knowledge, experience and calming nature. She went above and beyond to help me out during and after the consultation. She helped me focus in my long-term vision & dreams, allowing me to become more clear about the steps I needed to take to get there. Her consulting means the world to me and I’m so grateful for all the tips, remedies and her guidance she offered me during our time together. She spent so much time with me without rushing and had given me step by step instructions for each and every area of my house during our session. Her ability to translate Feng Shui Concepts into simple, yet powerful suggestions and instructions meant I did not need to second guess myself based on all the information out there. I Felt so much lighter after she has done the space clearing ritual for my whole house. I am already experiencing the energy is shifting as I am getting rid of the clutter and making small changes to my home as per her recommendations.

I sincerely recommend her services to anyone looking for guidance and coaching for Feng Shui principles!
At last but not least, Thank You so much Meena for everything!

Simer Grewal (Surrey, BC)

Meena is very knowledgeable and knows what needs to done. The remedies for Feng Shui she recommends are easy to do and guaranteed you will see results.

Meena came in for a consultation for my home and my home office and after implementing the suggestions made by her; I’ve noticed an immense Energy Shift and a lot of positivity in the house itself and the home office. The suggestions and remedies do work. To anyone still contemplating about booking a consultation, have faith and trust in Meena and you’ll see a huge positive change for sure!

Meena is also on my recommended list of preferred vendors to my clients because I want them to experience the same positive shift that I have. Thank you so much Meena and Momentum Feng Shui! 🙏

Dapi Garewal (Abbotsford, BC)

Meena is very knowledgeable about Feng Shui and brings a sense of calm to your environment. Since having her perform a Feng Shui ritual at home…we have felt more peaceful! She is very open to your queries and guides you with utmost honesty as well as respect!

I’d definitely recommend consulting with her to welcome optimal health & prosperity in your life!


Kal Bains (Chilliwack, BC)

Meena is amazing. She came to my home and the passion and great energy she had you could truly feel it. She is very knowledgeable in what she does and takes her time to explain everything to you. Not only does it stop there she continues to follow up on a regular basis and gives on going advice without any hesitation.

I am so glad I met her as I have more clarity in my life. Thank you Meena.

Sahar Naqvi (Houston, Texas)

Meeting Meena was meant to be. There is a purpose when people come together, serendipitously, seeking healing and strength. Meena has allowed me to explore and learn about a new modality of healing, but in my own way.

I am thankful to her for understanding my religious sensitivities, while educating me how to improve myself spiritually. I truly believe it was not a coincidence that the divine energies brought us together, to be sisters in grace, knowledge and strength. Thank you Meena for always answering my novice questions and being so gracious with your knowledge

R Walia (Delta, BC)

I highly recommend Meena for her pleasant demeanor and knowledge of Feng Shui. I loved how she did hand holding in terms of explaining everything so patiently and thoroughly and that she also incorporated meditation, intention setting, crystals, color and design.

Meena is so passionate about helping her clients get good results through her practice of Classical Feng Shui. She also made some follow up calls, to make sure I was going to apply Feng Shui properly to both my home and business to get best results. All in all I am very pleased with Momentum Feng Shui.

Kala Limbani (Toronto, ON)

I had the opportunity to work with Meena from Momentum Feng Shui and found her to be very knowledgeable. She took the time and did not rush the process. She made me feel safe and gave me hope.

Meena brings a level of professionalism, knowledge and humanism to her interactions with her clients. She takes the time to document properly so you can refer to it at any time. Even after the session, she is a phone call away and always ready to help. It was an absolute pleasure working with Meena.

Beata B. (Vancouver, BC)

My experience with Meena from Momentum Feng Shui was fantastic!

Few weeks ago (maybe I was having my “aha” moment) I noticed that there was not much going on in my life. I was busy doing things but there were no major changes happening. I had realized that soon it was going to be 5 years since I had moved into my new apartment. As much as I like my place, there were no life changing experiences I desperately desired. That’s when I decided to do something about it and the idea of Feng Shui was born. Even though I have some interest in energy work, I was a bit skeptical at first, however I had decided to follow my instincts and intuition. I started to look around and talk to my friends. Eventually I was referred to Meena from Momentum Feng Shui. Meena’s knowledge and willingness to help was amazing and gave me hope for much needed change.

During our first meeting not only did she come prepared with her “tools” but also did a beautiful smudging ceremony that just left me feeling peaceful and excited. The gift bag that was offered to me was filled with a cute bracelet, gem keychain and smudging stick. They were adorable! We discussed my goals and desired outcome. Meena has a very calm, loving demeanor which allowed me to talk to her freely. I felt she genuinely wanted to help and assist me in my new journey. I loved her passion and energy!

We then went around my place and that’s when she gave me ideas/ suggestions on which items to move and replace. Even though they were just a few suggestions in the beginning, somehow things felt lighter already. Her detailed report of recommendations and remedies was easy to follow and did not require buying large pieces of furniture. The small changes that were suggested started to make a big difference in my life. My sleep has improved, I felt more energized and strangers started to smile at me! Meena’s ongoing commitment and dedication to me went above and beyond. She helped me successfully set up everything according to the measurements and corners. Meena was quick to respond to my needs by texting or calling me back.

My freshly updated apartment now feels flowy and joyful (not to mention clutter free). Every time I open or close my front door I get a smile on my face because after removing a rug from my front door I feel like I fly “in/out” like a bird. One of the areas where the energy was stuck was at the front door. This solution was very simple to do and it made a tremendous change in the flow.

I am so happy and grateful for my experience with Meena from Momentum Feng Shui. I strongly recommend her wonderful service to anybody who wants to create positive changes in their lives. I’m excited about what the future unfolds!

Marianna Nuseibeh (Vancouver, BC)

My experience with Momentum Feng Shui surpassed my expectations. Meena came prepared with the floor plan of my place and a binder for me to keep. She also had furniture placement suggestions and my elements according to my birthdate. She listened to my concerns and in what direction I wanted to go in and, at a later time, offered me a detailed sheet with my remedies.

There is a personal touch to Momentum Feng Shui that I appreciate. Meena’s kindness and lovely energy were present even after she was gone. Now, the energy in my space feels like it’s my own, which offers a great sense of peace. I highly recommend Meena and her offerings to enter your area, since her consult there is a sense of elevation in my home. Thank you Meena!

A. Vahra (Surrey, BC)

Meena is a born natural. She came to our home and listened to all 5 family members concerns and goals, and implemented them beautifully. You can tell she genuinely wants the best for you and your family, and goes above and beyond what is expected. Meena explained to us which remedies needed to be put in each area of the home, and even offered to make/buy them for us.

It has been a long time since I’ve received this kind of service from anyone. The walk through of the home was very detailed and thorough, with Meena explaining what should and shouldnt be placed in every room for the best result. Since hiring Momentum Feng Shui and implementing the recommendations into our home, our entire family has felt and seen so many positive changes in our personal lives (improvements in health, happiness, a sense of calmness) and our professional lives (promotions, winning sales contracts.)

I HIGHLY recommend Momentum Feng Shui to anyone who would like to feel at peace in their lives!

Nancy Glover (Langley, BC)

]I bought a new condo recently, and wanted Meena to help me set up the energy in my new home.

I was very impressed with her knowledge, skills and professionalism. There were subtle but definite shifts in the energy – making it feel like I had more fully imprinted my own energy – making it truly MY home. Very cool!

I had some general knowledge about Feng Shui, yet Meena was brilliant at educating me. I think we Westerners are missing out on a wonderful way to easily shift the energy in our personal and professional spaces! Thank you Meena! I look forward to working with you in this New Year!

Ketan Ladva (Burnaby, BC)

We, at Kingswood Real Estate, highly recommend Meena and Momentum Feng Shui. Meena brought a delightful energy, lightness and realism to the art of Feng Shui. She introduced us to how Feng Shui could benefit our company, team members and ourselves. Her practical approach allowed us to embrace the ideas and she helped to quickly implement them in efficient manner. Thank you Meena for all your care, support & assistance.

Kim Biring (Surrey, BC)

I wanted to take this opportunity and say it was a pleasure working with Meena. She is very knowledgeable and experienced about Feng Shui and very passionate. I had a great experience with her and highly recommend her. She is a beautiful human being that truly wants to help people.

Sat Bassan (Surrey, BC)

]It was a pleasure working with Meena from Momentum Feng Shui. She is passionate and knowledgeable of Classic Feng Shui. She was very thorough and recommended various remedies for me to implement. I had a very peaceful experience as she saged and cleared energy throughout my living space. After putting my remedies in place in my bedroom I must say I had the best sleep that night! I am loving the energy I’m feeling as I walk in thru my front door. Meena’s suggestions have definitely brought into balance the flow of energy throughout my home. I highly recommend booking a consultation with Momentum Feng Shui.

Paul & Deep Nijjar (Delta, BC)

We met with Meena from Momentum Feng Shui in our home earlier this year. During this meeting we discussed what we were looking for and what seemed to be missing in our home. Being new to Feng Shui, we did not know what to expect. Meena was able to guide us through the process with ease and answered any questions that we had.

Meena was able to put together a plan for our home and began the transformation. During this time, all the suggestions Meena offered made complete sense and this really helped us understand Feng Shui.

Once Momentum Feng Shui came into our home we began to notice a positive atmosphere in the home. It now feels like there is such a nice flow and ambiance in every part of our house. The remedies were simple to implement, not time consuming and we noticed an immediate flow of energy after the space clearing was done.

We are so glad we decided to meet with Meena and would highly recommend Momentum Feng Shui and their services.

“Kiran L (Maple Ridge, BC)

We did extensive renovations in our home and I wanted to start with a clean slate with decorating, creating the right environment and energy in our living space.

Meena from Momentum Feng Shui was just the perfect fit to help us transform our space including energy clearing. She has a deep desire to help people through her passion for and knowledge of Classical Feng Shui. She was both professional yet compassionate when it came to addressing our needs. Her simple and effective recommendations have already created positive results in our home and lives.

I would highly recommend Meena. We’ll be signing up with her for our office next!

Justine Hernandez (Virginia Beach, VA)

Working with Meena has been a great journey. We worked with Feng Shui case studies and in each case study, Meena was amazing in guiding clients, building rapport and making them feel comfortable with the information that we were sharing.

Meena has been trained through a gold level school – International Feng Shui School (IFSS). Seeing her dedication to learning this craft was really amazing. Also, seeing her combine her culture and intuitive energy with Feng Shui to help support her clients in a deep meaningful way was powerful. I got to see this play out while we were working with the Feng Shui clients with Commercial properties, Residential homes, as well as a combination of Business and Home in the same vicinity of each client (which had its own set of challenges). After working with each client, I could see how Meena could apply support for her clients in Canada with Momentum Feng Shui.

I feel so blessed and grateful to have had this one-on-one time with Meena, and with Momentum Feng Shui. It’s been wonderful to see how she is creative, taking each case enthusiastically in her business while building rapport and recognition with her clients. Because of Meena’s soulful and aesthetic delivery of Feng Shui recommendations, people are really seeing the shift and change in their lives.

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